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  • BRL Fishing Report, March 24, 2007

    This was a week of MANY firsts for most anglers at BRL.
    First GRAND SLAM for Mike, (3 Permit, 2 bonefish and a 70 lb. tarpon)
    First GRAND SLAM for Allan, (tarpon, permit, bonefish)
    First PERMIT for Mike, Al, Art,
    First TARPON for Kerry, Al, Art, Barry, Marsha,
    First BONEFISH for Kerry on her pink Scott rod,
    First SNOOK for Barry,
    First BARRACUDA and first SNAPPER for James,
    First GROUPER for Allan
    First NEEDLE FISH & First FLYING FISH – in the chest for Art

    Central Belize, where BRL is located, offers very diverse fishing areas and a variety of species. And along with our guides being very helpful, many new saltwater anglers fish BRL and enjoy lots of ?FIRSTS? .

    Belize River Lodge is very easy to get to
    American Airlines from Miami, FL and Dallas, TX; Continental Airlines: from Houston, TX and Newark, NJ; US Airways from Charlotte, NC; TACA from Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA and San Francisco, CA; and Delta from Atlanta, GA and starting June: NON STOP FROM LOS ANGELES, CA

    BRL is just 15 minutes from Belize international Airport.

    When arriving on early flights you can get in a good first half day fishing and when departing on flights after mid-day you can also get in another half day of fishing. Long weekends of fishing are easy at BRL.

    * * Less travel & waiting time means MORE FISHING TIME * *