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    May arrived in full swing with anglers full of energy and excitement who were looking forward to their Central Belize experience at Belize River Lodge.  We are running a bit behind in getting out the fishing report for April.  Mike intended to write it earlier, but kept excellent notes of angling activity and I intended to send it out last week, yet here we are the middle of May, and busy.  Without further adieu, here is the latest fishing report and we hope that you enjoy it! Also, please remember that space is open for fishing during the summer and fall 2008 and that we are taking bookings for the spring 2009. FISHING REPORT;  BELIZE RIVER LODGE April 6 to MAY 12, 2008 WEATHER was a factor with winds up to 20 knots at times; unusual at this time of year, but our unique fishing locations at BRL afforded all anglers lots of opportunities.  Our extensive mangrove system of cayes protects many of our flats from the winds, and along with the productive Belize and Sibun rivers allowed everyone full fishing days even on the windiest days. BIG TARPON:  Ten big tarpon, size 80-176 pounds were landed during this period.  The largest being 176 pounds by measurement.  All were photographed and successfully released.  Most were caught by fly fishing and a few by spin fishing with lures.  Many, many more big tarpon were seen;  and jumped.  Some anglers had them on for just a few seconds while others had many exciting minutes of heavy action.  These fish were being found anywhere from the nearby mouth of the river, Tarpon Cove and channels all within 25-45 minutes of the lodge or just a few minutes from the M.V. Blue Yonder.


    Many more SMALL TARPON, ten to 75 pounds were also caught during this time and along with permit, bonefish and snook, we had a total of eight grand slams landed;  quite an accomplishment for only 5 weeks of fishing. Many guests targeted snook to help fill out their day or slam.  They enjoyed casting to snook - trying to make the perfect cast into the mangroves to lure the snook into taking the fly/lure.  Most SNOOK landed were 5-8 pounds with a few up to 12 and 14 pounds. Lots of PERMIT were seen rolling in with the swells just before breaking on the reef.   Many were caught on the flats just inside the reef or on grass and mud flats.  A large school of about 200-300 permit are being encountered quite regularly.  This school has fish from about 5 to 30 pounds.  They are sometimes just lolling around and show no interest whatsoever to crab patterns expertly presented;  at other times they are feeding and go after anything in sight.  Anglers have enjoyed not only fishing but watching these magnificent fish move across the flat feeding, as many have great stories to tell.  One angler made the perfect cast into the feeding school and got an immediate hook-up.  Excitement ruled; however, he came away frustrated and laughing at the angler's bane, he landed a beautiful snapper, who was feeding among the Permit. Two anglers with little BONEFISH experience each caught 20 bones one morning. They had claimed not to be interested in bonefish but did not pass this up.   Talk about a wonderful experience, they said that many times they had double hook-ups. Ladyfish, Tripple Tails, Barracudas, Jacks and Snappers rounded out our usual variety of species. Over the last two days a father and two sons landed a 70 pound tarpon, fought two other 70 pounders for 38 and 20 minutes and caught several bones, a small snook, some jacks and barracudas.  While the men were fishing, the ladies visited the Belize Zoo, Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Lamanai and Altun Ha Mayan sites.