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  • January 22, 2010 – Fish Report

    FISHING REPORT BELIZE RIVER LODGE JANUARY 22, 2010 At the same time that Misha and Raul were meeting visitors on opening day of THE FLY FISHING SHOW in Somerset, New Jersey, here at Belize River Lodge, John and Pedro were guiding their guests to BIG TARPON just about 20 minutes from the lodge. The weather was just about as perfect as one could ask for: a little fog in the morning, then bright sun the rest of the day with a high temperature of 86 degrees, winds calm or very light all day.  On the rising morning tide pods and small schools of Big Tarpon were rolling and chasing bait.  As soon as a tarpon fly was presented in sight of a big fish it would smash the fly, then make several spectacular jumps.  After a while, these big Tarpon started tailing as they fed on the bottom in 5-6 feet of water.   YES, tailing Tarpon, like giant tailing bonefish! A 3/0 hook was straightened, a tippet parted and one 12 weight rod was broken as several more fish were jumped, fought and lost.  The Tarpon Snake, Black Death and Red and White tarpon flies were all hit many times.  Ted landed a very feisty 120 pounder which was successfully released after a long fight.  He also landed six Bones, and a Cobia.   Darrel landed an 80 pound Tarpon, a 16 pound Triple Tail, a Cobia and several Gray Snappers.   Many very big Permit were seen but because of the calm and bright sunny day they could not be reached.  (On Wednesday Darrel got three Back Country Grand slams; Bonefish, Tarpon and Snook.) Normally we don't see the big migratory Tarpon near Belize River Lodge until about mid February each year, but along with Triple Tails they showed up in early December.  We expect them to stay in the area until July 2010. Remember, Belize River Lodge is easy to get to and 1/2 day of fishing can be scheduled on your arrival and/or departure days to maximize your fishing time! To book your fishing trip, please e-mail info@belizeriverlodge.comor call toll free 1-888-275-4843 or call your favorite fishing agent. PS Below are pictures of fish landed in 2009, but give a good picture of what is going on with the Big tarpon at BRL.

    ><((((*>   ><(((*>   Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish & Snook    <*)))><   <*))))><