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    DEC 28, 2011

    Chip and Scooby fished half Friday on arrival, Saturday, Sunday and half day Monday before flying out. They jumped 33 tarpon, hooked 21, landed 15, landed quite a few bonefish and one over 6 lbs, and caught a variety package of 12 species with double hookups on Bonefish and Tarpon.  Weather was mostly cool, overcast and windy at times with some rain.  “Great weekend fishing trip” they said.

    Cal & Bob lost over 600 pounds of Tarpon on the first day, before landing 2 small ones.  The guide said:  “Finally found the size you can handle.”  Both had a great trip and said they were looking at dates for 2012.

    While Tom was fishing and catching a Grand Slam of Bonefish, Snook and Tarpon; the three other people in his “fish and tour” party visited the ATM Caves, Xunantunich, Altun Ha and the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary.  On Sunday Sharon accompanied four other birders and me up the Belize Olde River on the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count.  More than 40 species of birds were counted, including the Pygmy Kingfisher and the Boat Billed Heron.  About 15 crocodiles, dozens of iguanas and Howler monkeys were also seen.
    6 lb Bonefish, 15 lb permit, baby tarpon
    Two separate groups also fished BRL’s Long Caye Outpost and caught Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Snook, Cudas, Jacks, Snappers and Ladyfish.

    Eric caught a 15 pound Cuda on a bonefish jig the first day.

    A big Tarpon tore the tail hook off Mike’s Yo-Zuri.

    Mark caught a Tarpon, Snook and Bonefish Grand Slam, while a cruise ship visitor landed 4 Snook and 6 Bonefish for his first time fishing these species.

    Howler Monkeys and big Iguanas in mating colors have been regular but silent visitors in the big old fig tree in front of the lodge.  There are now two Crocodiles that frequent the dock and Manatees and Porpoises are now more regular visitors as the river clears up.  The big migratory Tarpon are expected any day now; so we hope you will be here to enjoy all this.


    Belize is easy to get to and it is just about 15 minutes from the international airport to BRL; especially if you just have time for a 4 day weekend like Chip and Scooby did.

    American Airlines from Miami and Dallas; Continental-United from Houston; US Airways from Charlotte; Delta from Atlanta;  TACA from Los Angeles via El Salvador.

    From North America, Europe and Asia you might consider flying to CanCun as there is now the excellent ADO bus service from CanCun to Belize.



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