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  • ’12-4-24 News & Fishing Reports from Belize River Lodge

    The year 2011 passed by quickly leaving BRL guests with  many memorable moments and great fishing experiences and 2012 has began with much success on both the flats and in the rivers.

    Migratory TarponWe can confidently say that Belize River Lodge is responsible for another half dozen Grand Slams recorded in the IGFA book of records in 2011;  with many more landed here at BRL, but not registered with the IGFA.  We can also say that we made many dreams come true last year because we recorded 25 Permit boated along with the landed slams and large Tarpon in 2011.

    While Permit is one species available from Belize River Lodge, there is a lot of variety so we really do not fish for Permit only, but we certainly have a fair number of shots daily.  When it comes to larger Tarpon from 80 lbs and over and mainly during the migratory season (February thru June), we can easily say that 23 of these beautiful creatures were hooked, fought, photographed and released.  We cannot say how many were just hooked and jumped for the number might sound exaggerated but speaking in averages, there are 7 to 9 tarpon jumped for every one landed.

    Bonefish were caught by the dozens and some anglers and guides spaghetti tagged these bones.  Two spaghetti tagged bonefish were recaptured (Story) and we are hoping that a few more will be recaptured and re-released this year as well.

    2012 is the fifth year involved with Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT) and our fourth consecutivBoenfishe year participating with the BTT tagging both tarpon and Bonefish.  Tagging the elusive Permit has begun and Di rk t agged the first Permit (22.5 lb’er) in mid April.  As excited as the guides are about tagging, more remember about tagging after they release the permit, as thirteen permit have already been landed at BRL this year and only one has been tagged.

    Management and guides at Belize River Lodge are convinced that we can contribute to the BTT research, since we offer our guests an extensive fishery in Central Belize and with the help of our anglers, who come here to have a wonderful time, while enjoying fishing the best waters that Belize has to offer.

    Here at Belize River Lodge, we make a difference every year because there is always fish to catch on the flats.

    –       Bonefish tailing or mudding . . .

    –       Small Tarpon & Snook near the mangrove roots. . .

    –       Permit cruising & tailing or sometime suspended over deeper holes on the flats . . .

    –       Large Tarpon cruising, rolling or “layed up” near the surface by the river mouth . . .

    Releasing Tarpon

    Hope to hear or see you soon,
    Warm regards,
    Raul Navarrette
    Mike & Marguerite


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