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  • HURRICANE SEASON OVER, WHEW! Tarpon, Permit & Snook, Yeah! ~ November 2014


    As we approach the end of "hurricane season" I am very pleased to report that there have been no hurricane threats for Belize this year, no serious storms or even any small storms.  Climate change?  Actually as far as I can remember the very first mild cold front of the year came in mid October instead of early to mid November with about 66 degrees along the coast of Belize.  Recent weather conditions were mostly very pleasant; ranging from glass calm days with sunny and clear skies to a few heavy overcast days with some short periods of rain, then days with winds quite mild and variable. Mostly the weather was just plain excellent.  Yeah for climate change!

    Our Belize River Lodge variety fishing lived up to its historical reputation.  Catches by individual anglers ranged from a 90 pound Tarpon, many small and medium sized Tarpon, Permit from 4 to 22 pounds, Bones up to 6 pounds, Snook of all sizes including a few of about 20 pounds, Barracudas, Jacks and Snappers of all sizes and several Grand Slams.  A Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT) researcher caught and released his first 20 pound Snook on a fly and the next day also landed a Grand Slam.

    Two guests at the BRL Long Caye Outpost had what they called a fantastic experience for the week.  One calm day they rotated casting to Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit in the same school each angler catching 3-4 Tarpon and some Bones but had no Permit hook ups.   It was just not their week to catch Permit but they saw and cast to many large schools of this very challenging game fish.  These anglers flew Delta non stop from and back to Los Angeles.  Arriving in Belize at about 6:30 A.M. they had a full day of  fishing on their arrival day.  US western states residents should consider this flight option to maximize fishing time.

    I attended and participated in the Fifth International BONEFISH & TARPON TRUST Symposium in Dania Beach FL, November 7-8.  There was a very informative panel discussion on Permit and Permit habitat.  BTT is working throughout Belize with different studies to help us protect our flats and inshore species, Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit.  Our 4th Tagging Challenge is coming up, please read for more information and join us in March.

    On November 12th there was a meeting of sport fishing lodges, operators and fishing guides.  A Belize national organization was initiated and officers selected.  The main goals will be habitat and species protection for Belize's valuable game fish.   Following that meeting was Yellowdog's Jim Klug's presentation of his great new book "Fly Fishing Belize".  This book with great pictures and text, detailing fishing in Belize from the beginning to sport's fishing to present day,  is a must have for all salt water angles every where.

    We are looking forward to the upcoming spring fishing and the large tarpon migration.  If you have any questions regarding fishing in the upcoming months, please e-mail us.  We look forward to hearing from you and visiting with you in 2015. Warm regards, Mike & Marguerite

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