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    JUNE 10, 2015 Fishing Report

    Despite many windy, rainy and heavy overcast days during this period, the most challenging saltwater flats game fish, the Permit made the day for many anglers fishing out of Belize River Lodge and BRL's Long Caye Outpost.

    From very large schools of hundreds to small pods and single cruisers ranging in size from 4 to 30 pounds these very special fish lived up to their mystic reputation. Sometimes they were impossible, sometimes almost easy, but always so very exciting. The very experienced Permit anglers as well as those targeting Permit for the first time were all challenged, frustrated and exuberant each time they got within casting range of these great fish.


    It always seemed that it was up to the individual fish whether it ignored the fly, just nudged it, or ate it.  It did not matter whether it was a fancy shrimp or crab pattern, presented softly or roughly, nearby or just barely in sight, it was up to that individual Permit to do just what it wanted to.  Most good takes were hook-ups and successfully landed after exhilarating runs and some drawn out fights. Some were just brief encounters offering just a taste of Permit fishing. There were several Grand Slams and Super Slams that included Permit but many more Permit were caught individually or along with Bones.

    Philip H. caught a Grand Slam and a Super Slam on the same day, each included a Permit.  "Best day fishing ever".

    Anglers landing Permit during this period include: Gaspar G, Tom S, Rick J, John I, Carlos C, Philip H, two Permit each.  Tim P, Michael K, Craig H, Martin T, Jim C, Angelee G, Richard P, one Permit each.  Joe E got one too, his 101st Permit landed.

    David Ondaatje, Winston Rods  - 175 lb Tarpon

    The two largest Tarpon caught this period were 160 and 175 pounds. Baby Tarpon up to 30 pounds were caught by most anglers. Mike W jumped 38 Baby Tarpon and landed 5 in the Belize River one day. Many medium sized Tarpon in the 40-60 pound range were also regularly landed. We occasionally catch the Lookdown fish but five were caught the same day by one angler.

    The Bonefish Tarpon Trust tagging program continued in April and May. Recapture rates are low but very encouraging as most recaptures are in the same general area as where they were originally tagged. We are looking forward to a busy "slow tourist season". Attractive discounts are available at BRL.  Check out our website for more information.

    Please e-mail or call toll free 1-888-275-4843 for further information.

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