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    May 7, Three Grand Slams, and three permit, one 90 lb. tarpon May 8, One Grand Slam and 115 & 135 lb. tarpon May 10, 150 lb. tarpon May 11, 120 lb. tarpon May 14, Grand Slam, May 15, Two permit and a 135 lb. tarpon May 18, Grand Slam May 21, Grand Slam May 22, 100 lb. tarpon May 23, 130 lb. tarpon May 24, 90 lb. tarpon The above were all caught within 15 miles of Belize River Lodge. Whether fishing from the Lodge or from our live-aboards no long runs were necessary to find Permit, Tarpon, Bonefish or Snook. Very often there were big Tarpon and Permit on either side of our boats at the same time. This year has been a great fishing year, as the same happened for Snook, small Tarpon and Bonefish. Several Tripple Tails were caught near big tarpon. In fact to catch the possible record Tripple Tail, a choice had to be made whether to cast to a big Tarpon or a big Tripple Tail. Decisions! Decisions! (A few days during this time frame, boats from as far away as 30 miles also showed up to fish BRL?s traditional areas - big Tarpon anyone??) Other catches included a 26 ? lb. Tripple Tail, for which an IGFA World record has been applied; many bonefish, many small tarpon 8-40 lbs., snook to 15 lbs., Jack Crevalles, barracudas, Cubera Snappers and other snappers. Variety is the name of the game fishing with Central Belize with BRL. Don't you wish you were here during this time? You can still get in some great fishing at BRL through the rest of 2007. Also, if you are interested in fishing in 2008, this is the time to set aside your choice dates. Long weekends of fishing are easy at BRL. When arriving on early flights you can get in a good first half day fishing and when departing on flights after mid-day you can also get in another half day of fishing.

    Less travel and waiting time means MORE FISHING TIME!


    Dear Friends, Hope you are all doing well. Mike & Marguerite are both fine and doing great. The fish have been very active making for a very productive fishing season. Last year, in the middle of March we started a BRL Club, and started giving certificates for the following categories: #1. Large Tarpon - any tarpon over 80 lbs #2. Permit - any size #3. Super Grand Slam -  landed Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish & Snook #4. Saltwater Grand Slam -  Tarpon, Permit & Bonefish #5. Backwater Slams - Tarpon, Permit & Snook or Tarpon, Bonefish & Snook or Permit, Bonefish & Snook As we all know the number of landed fish are much less than those that you have on and get away, and those that you have on are a lot less than those that you cast to, and of course, those that you cast to are much less than those you just see. So since March 15, 2006 until March 31, 2007, the following number of certificates were given: 18 Large Tarpon certificates were given (sizes were from 80 lbs to 160 lbs) 15 Permit certificates were given 2 Super Grand Slam certificates were given 3 Saltwater Grand Slam certificates were given 13 Backwater Slam certificates were given To our surprise, we had a better fishing year than we realized. We missed sending you one fishing report, so you are getting "2 in 1" .