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  • BRL Fishing Report, July 19, 2007

    On their first fishing trip to Belize Jim and Ruth Miller of the Dallas Fly Fishing Club fished 3 ? days at Belize River Lodge. Jim had booked the SHOW SPECIAL at the Fly Fishing Show in Arlington, Texas. DAY 1. Having arrived around noon on American Airlines from Dallas and because of the proximity of BRL to the Belize international airport, Jim was able to get in a good half day of fishing on his arrival day. So easy! Dallas in the morning, fishing the Belize flats in the afternoon! This first half day resulted in getting the kinks out, catching his very first bonefish and satisfying his excitement so he could get a good first night's sleep. DAY 2. The first full fishing day. Though it was very windy with heavy overcast and some showers all day, the guide found clear protected flats and tailing bonefish. Jim landed 20 bones and several others got away. At the end of the day he said "I'm hooked on bones". DAY 2. Because of continuing tough weather conditions on the flats the guide opted for the Belize River. This turned out to be a very good choice, as Jim jumped 22 small-to-medium size tarpon and landed 7. Not a bad day for a first time tarpon fisherman. This day's quote: "I'm hooked on tarpon". DAY 3. Looked much better weather-wise so the guide suggested they go look for the big tarpon on the flats and channels. Another good move as Jim hooked his first 100 pounder and imbedded in his mind forever the following exciting eight minute sequence: "three spectacular jumps, one very long fast run, guide cranking up the engine and chasing the fish to recover line, one more leap, big fish falling on the line, she's gone!" During those few minutes Jim also pictured the BRL Big Fish Certificate; but not this time. Now he is also "hooked on big tarpon" and must return for his next date with that grand dame he met so briefly. And that's OK with Ruth. She has seen her competition and fully approves of Jim's new love. Jim Miller is happy he bought the SHOW SPECIAL. It was even more than he expected.