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    Dear Friends, As 2007 draws to a close, and we take note of the past year, we realized how much we enjoyed visiting with the guests who have fished with us before and how nice it was to meet all the new people who had looked forward to their first BRL trip and sometimes even their first saltwater experience.  It was really a pleasure visiting with everyone and hearing all the great stories in the evenings. This is what really makes our job wonderful, listening to the tales, some tall (smile), about the day's experience.  We get to really enjoy Belize and all it has to offer through your eyes.  For this, we thank you all very much.

    For the guests who have not fished with us in the last year, we have started the BRL Program where certificates are given for different landed fish.  For those of you who fished this year and made your magnificent catch or just missed it as the fly/lure got thrown in the middle of a good fight, there is always another time and another fish with your name on it.  While not only being fun, these certificates have also helped us to keep track of the big catches during 2007.  So below is the excerpts from past fishing reports and the "certificate book".  Even though we fished every month and fish were landed, however if it was not a tarpon 80 lbs and over, any permit or a "slam", it was not recorded; though still great fun to catch! We hope that you enjoy our year in review and we will look forward to your next visit where we can enjoy your daily adventure stories.  From our home to your home, we wish you a very happy and prosperous 2008! Warm regards, Mike & Marguerite


    2007 Fishing Summary at BRL

    FEBRUARY 2007: One eighty pound tarpon and two nice snook, one ten pounds were caught and  released in one day by a single angler.   These are resident fish, here all year round.  The very big tarpon will be here in just a few days. MARCH 2007: The big tarpon have been here for a few weeks. Catch of the week:  The group leader, who said his biggest fish to date was a 16 pound steelhead, got into big tarpon on the first day.  He jumped three and landed one.  By measurement this fish calculated to be 160 pounds.  The fly was a 4/0 Tarpon Glow.  Not bad at all for a man?s first day in salt water! Other action for this party included: 3 backwater grand slams, (tarpon, snook, bones); About 40 small tarpon 10-50 lbs. were jumped with 8 landed; one permit landed but many more opportunities, though permit were not really targeted. Joe Rossi's camera recorded this action on the flats: three large tarpon in the air and one 100 pounder boated, one backwater grand slam (tarpon, bone and snook, by one angler same day), more than 15 bones one day, four snook 6-10 pounds one day. Up river 6 tarpon 10-20 pounds jumped, only one landed. Tarpon as usual have luck on their side as ?many are jumped but few are landed?. MARCH 2007: A week of MANY firsts for most anglers at BRL. First GRAND SLAM for Mike C, (3 Permit, 2 bonefish & a 70 lb. tarpon) First GRAND SLAM for Allan C, (tarpon, permit, bonefish) First PERMIT for Mike, Al, Art First TARPON for Kerry, Al, Art, Barry, Marsha, First BONEFISH for Kerry on her pink Scott rod, First SNOOK for Barry, First BARRACUDA and first SNAPPER for James, First FLYING FISH in the chest. APRIL 2007: John from South Africa got his first Belize 90 pound tarpon and a 15 pound permit on his second day.  Two days later, a 120 pounder. ?NAPs? (Non Angling Persons) accompanying their angler partners enjoyed easy day- tours from Belize River lodge to several Mayan sites, the Belize Zoo, the Museum of Belize, the barrier reef and snorkeling and the Princess Casino.       MAY 2007: ?Today was like a dream come true, I can hardly believe it? said Greg S. at the end of his very first day of fishing at Belize River Lodge. *  Greg hooked his big fish which measured out at 105 pounds. *  Mick K. hooked his fish, a 95 pounder. *  At 11:15 AM Sarah A.  hooked her 120 pounder. These three fish were all landed and successfully released after being photographed. Other fishing highlights this week: Greg S.: Two Grand Slams and one Super Grand Slam in 6 days. Mick K.: Super Grand Slam, (Permit, Tarpon, Snook, Bonefish),  15 snook one day, one tarpon about 150 pounds that was lost after 15-20 minutes, with about four spectacular jumps and 3 long runs that required boat chases to recover line. May 7 - Three Grand Slams, and three permit, one 90 lb. tarpon May 8 -  One Grand Slam and 115 & 135 lb. tarpon May 10 - 150 lb. tarpon May 11 - 120 lb. tarpon May 14 - Grand Slam, May 15 - Two permit and a 135 lb. tarpon May 18 - Grand Slam May 21 - Grand Slam May 22 - 100 lb. tarpon May 23 - 130 lb. tarpon May 24 - 90 lb. tarpon Whether fishing from the LODGE or from the BLUE YONDER live-aboard, no long runs were necessary to find Permit, Tarpon, Bonefish or Snook.  (A few days during this time frame, boats from as far away as 30 miles also showed up to fish BRL?s traditional areas ? big Tarpon anyone??)  Other catches included a 26 ?  lb. Tripple Tail, many bonefish, many small tarpon 8-40 lbs., snook to 15 lbs., Jack Crevalles, Barracudas, Cubera Snappers and other snappers.  Variety is the name of the game, fishing in Central Belize with BRL. JULY  2007: DAY 1. ?I?m hooked on bones?. DAY 2. ?I?m hooked on tarpon?. DAY 3 ?I?m hooked on big tarpon?. OCTOBER 2007 Four tarpon landed in a twenty minute tarpon blitz.  In one of our prime fishing areas, hundreds of small snook were seen just floating up but showing no interest in flies or plugs. This is a good sign that young fish are very abundant and will be there in the near future.  Next day a fat 16 pound snook and a few small ones were landed.  Two days in a row big ladyfish were landed, about ten each day.   On the full moon two 70 lb. tarpon were landed.  This is still ?hurricane season? but the weather has been spectacular and the fishing good.  Wish you were here too.

    An oft repeated expression heard at BRL from new guests: ?How come we just heard about this place??