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    FISHING REPORT -  MARCH 24, 2012

    Month in Review:  Breezy conditions in March ushered in the first schools of the big migratory Tarpon.  They were about three weeks late this year and have been shielded from our anglers by strong southeasterly winds.  This week two scientist-anglers have been targeting big Tarpon to attach satellite tags but have not been able to bring one to the boat.  On Thursday March 22, the winds eased up a bit and our erstwhile scientists jumped five big Tarpon in the 100+ class.  After a one and a half hour battle they finally got a big Tarpon almost alongside the boat but this big fish made one last turn and slipped the hook, thus avoiding the tag.  Looks like the Wind Gods are helping the Tarpon Gods keep some of their migration secrets, but we’ll continue our efforts to get in some satellite tags.  Yesterday a 50 pound Tarpon was landed but too small to tag.

    Permit in Central BelizeSaturday March 24:  Today’s action at Belize river lodge:  The wind dropped off to less than six knots all day today. Big John got three jumps from a 100 pound Tarpon and lost a bigger one to a worn though 80 pound shock after two long hours. Wayne and Carl landed four small Tarpon. Richard hooked two huge Goliath Groupers; one was so big Richard and guide could not get it off the bottom of a sink hole with a twelve weight; the other one broke off on setting the hook. He also caught and tagged three Bonefish.

    Permit fishing recently has been pretty decent; some highlights: Paul B. said he thought Permit fishing was really tough, now he says it’s easy. Paul caught four Permit, size 12, 15, 16, and 18 pounds in four consecutive days, including a Grand Slam one day. We have challenged him to better his Permit record. Another angler also landed a Permit in that four day period. Snook fishing in the rivers has been productive during the very windy conditions on the sea and flats. The big Tarpon are here and we’re looking forward to some great Tarpon action in the next twelve wee ks. You should be here.


    Note: Monday, March 25.  Jeff & Jeff, father and son, arrived and fished the afternoon and Jiangang (scientist-angler) returned. Jeff landed a 106 lb tarpon and it was satellite tagged with tag #206.  Now we await the 6 months to see where this big migratory tarpon travels.