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  • June & July Fishing in 2012

    JULY 26, 2012 The rainy season in Central Belize started about a month earlier than usual this year but has not affected fishing in any negative way.  The rainy season also coincides with our “slow or low season”, so called because of lower visitor traffic to Belize.  As the weather warms up most fishermen choose to fish favorite fishing areas closer to home including Canada and Alaska. Fishing at Belize River Lodge in July, August, September, October and November, along with low people traffic has always proven to be an excellent experience for those who come at this time of year.  BRL also offers some great discounts for much of this period.

    During the early part of this year’s “slow season” BRL has had a steady flow of a few fishermen, many fishing with us in salt water for the first time.  The strength and speed of our salt water species impressed them.  On landing his first Bonefish one angler wondered what happed to the big fish that had just stripped away so many yards of his backing.  Another angler landed his first slam, back country, but enjoyed catching a tarpon, snook and bonefish in one day. Guests were also impressed with the numbers of Permit Bonefish at Belize River Lodgeand Bonefish they saw and cast to.  With the rivers in partial flood some of the time, most fishing was done on the Flats and around the Mangroves adjacent to the Flats.  This was mostly sight fishing, in clear water for Bones, Tarpon, Permit, Snook, Barracudas, Snappers and Jacks.  Good casting and patience were assets! A few Snook, Snappers and Cudas were kept and brought in for the table and many times anglers were able to enjoy some of their catch that same evening.  Snapper and Barracuda fish fingers for breakfast were also a delightful first for many anglers. What about hurricanes at this time of year? During hurricane season, BRL monitors tropical weather systems several times a day via satellite and international weather forecasts.  So, should a hurricane enter our danger zone you need not worry about fishing at Belize River Lodge.  BRL prudently advises our scheduled guests and their agents of any hurricane that might affect their fishing trip and we will extend full credit for up to one year for a trip that may be postponed due to a hurricane threat, so no money is lost. Belize River Lodge, Where Fishing Dreams Come True

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