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  • Late summer fishing, 2012

    October 31, 2012 We have been lucky and blessed again and no hurricanes in this area so far this year, only Tropical Storm Ernesto caused some concern in early August.  Dozens of boats took shelter but the storm veered north coming ashore in Northern Belize and Southern Mexico with very little serious damage.  We are praying for our friends on the East Coast who are troubled by Superstorm Sandy.  We wish you all the best. The weather in Belize this rainy season has been unusually pleasant with very little rain and lots of sunny days with light winds, seems more like April and May.  Climate change? A visiting cardiologist doing volunteer work in Belize fly fished just one day with us.  Being a little windy the guide elected to fish the river.  The doctor jumped eight small Tarpon and landed one; he hooked four Snook and landed two.  Not a bad day but the fishing numbers paled when compared to the more than eighty five children that he and his volunteer medical team attended that week.  He will be back for more volunteer work...........and more fishing. Two Europeans fished BRL for a week, combining spin and fly fishing.   One day one angler jumped nine baby tarpon in the 6-15 pound range but landed none.  The other angler jumped four but successfully landed two.  Other days they each had the pleasure of landing a 40 and 60 pound Tarpon.  They also got a Permit, several Bones, Snook, Snappers, Jacks and small Barracudas; one of the Cudas was 36 inches long. A father and son tried for the big Tarpon but jumped only two.  They caught small Tarpon, Bones, Snappers, Mackerel, some Cudas and even a Box Fish. A family of six spent a week at our BRL Long Caye Outpost.  They got their share of Bones, small Tarpon, Snook, Snappers, Cudas and Ladyfish.  The whole family, especially the kids enjoyed swimming and playing in the white sand bottom shallow waters.  Of course the kids did like the idea when it was announced that it was time to leave. A few fishing days on the river and some inland tours to historical Mayan sites rounded out the Belize River Lodge experience for several anglers. There is still time until our "Special" dates are over.  Amazingly Christmas in next month, as is the renewal of the Maya calendar, and we are looking forward to both.  Shortly after, 2013 begins and as always we look forward to what the new year may bring.  We look forward to visiting with you in the upcoming months, Warm regards, Mike & Marguerite