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  • Saltwater Slams? Big Tarpon? ‘Pooons, Bones, Permit & Snook. . .

    FISHING REPORT: January 20, 2013 In November the Big Migratory Tarpon arrived about two months earlier than usual again coinciding with the very early flowering of two of our most spectacular flowering trees. Year after year, whether November or mid February, these flowering trees signal the arrival of the Big Tarpon in our prime fishing areas. Also the relatively low rainfall of the rainy season this past year was directly related to early clearing of the Belize River and the near shore waters.

    Early Big Tarpon landings include: Nov 20, Mark's 103 pounds; Nov 22, Lee's 125 pounds; Nov 25, Granny's 175 pounds; Nov 30, Wade's 100 pounds. The Big Migratory Tarpon will be in our area until June or July and the resident Big Tarpon will always be around but a little harder to find on any given day throughout the rest of the year.

    Dan, John, and Larry got Grand Slams and Jack got a 12 pound Permit. Some heavy rains in late December and early January again muddied up the rivers for a few weeks and some recent back to back cold fronts made fishing quite a bit more challenging.

    Big schools of Permit were cast to by several anglers during this time but these Permit were not very cooperative. Snook action along the mangroves produced some very nice catches, some up to twelve pounds. The usual Bonefish, Snapper, Jacks, Ladyfish and Barracuda action rounded out most anglers' successful fishing days.


    FISHING REPORT: February 10, 2013 Six Grand Slams were landed in two days by two anglers in late January despite cloudy and squally conditions on those days. All these fish were on the small side but many of some species were caught in the process. One angler landed 3 of 7 Snook hooked while using very light fly tackle.

    Despite the cloudy conditions on most days many Permit were cast to but refusals were the repeated norm. Snappers, Jacks and 'Cudas kept the action lively. One 25 pound Jack tested an angler's skills and stamina.

    A few days ago an angler off a cruise ship fishing a very short rainy day caught 2 Bones, 2 small Jacks, 1 Cuda, a red Snapper and lost 2 Snook. With about 45 minutes left before heading back to catch his tender he hooked a beautiful tailing Permit, skillfully played the fish and landed a 23-25 pound Permit.  He had seen films and studied Permit fishing but never expected to actually catch one while on a cruise.  He has promised to send pictures of his catch.

    Most of January produced unsettled weather with "Northers" or cold fronts coming in one after another; low temperatures during the day were still above 65 degrees Generally, conditions were overcast most days with a few rain squalls and winds from the NW to NE at 5-15 knots. Only one day were anglers delayed from leaving for about an hour after breakfast. The heavy overcast conditions made flats fishing a bit more challenging but the rivers were a great backup for the worst days.

    The past few days has seen our weather return to normal for this time of year with clear sunny skies and light winds. Two anglers and two birders are at Brl's Long Caye Outpost resort.  Book your trip to BRL now for fishing, touring or join our Bonefish & Permit Tagging Challenge week.

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