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    Fishing Report:  March 2013 In early March some overcast and breezy days made fishing very challenging for anglers fishing the Flats but the Belize River and the Sibun River often saved the day and produced very good fishing for Snook, Tarpon and Jacks.

    In March, eight Big Tarpon were landed, ranging from 80 to 176 pounds; many more were hooked but got off after several exciting minutes of jumping and running.  A lady angler had two big ones on; one for 20 minutes and another for 45 minutes. Two 80 pound Tarpon were satellite tagged last week and we are anxious to see where they go in the next few days and months.  We believe they will stay in the same general area for the next two to three months and if migrants they may leave the area in June or July.  Where they go from here is the big question. Eric W. caught his first Big Tarpon, 114 pounds on March 19 and a 106 pounder on March 21.  He also caught a Grand Slam on March 17th. Graeme T. decided one evening he wanted to fish at BRL.  He got on the phone and made lodge and flight reservations for the next day.  On this impromptu three day trip he landed a 120 and a 160 pound Tarpon and six Bones.  He cast to several Permit but did not hook any.  He said that he will be back, for more Tarpon fishing and to get the Permit that eluded him this time. Mike N. is a very accomplished Tarpon fisherman and has caught many big Tarpon here at BRL in the past few years.  The 176 pound Tarpon he caught on March 29, he says is his most outstanding and exciting catch of all time. Besides big ones, many Small Tarpon were caught in and around the mangroves near the flats and in the rivers. Most Snook landed were in the 6-8 pound range; a16 and a 22 pounder were the two biggest ones. There were several Grand Slams; Mick caught his 21st and 22nd Grand Slams, all at BRL. Tripletails as usual preceded the arrival of the Big Migratory Tarpon and they have been seen almost daily several weeks after their arrival. Jacks and Barracudas of all sizes were caught regularly.  Ladyfish, Mackerel and Cobia also rounded out BRL's variety pack. The BIG MIGRATORY TARPON are here and will be here for at least two more months.   There are still some spaces available to fish BRL  in April, May and June, so please double check your schedules and call us or your agent to book your space to catch your Big Tarpon, Small Tarpon, Snook, Permit, Grand Slam or help us catch and tag Bonefish and Permit. As our regular guests already know, Belize River Lodge is easy to get to from the USA via American Airlines, United Airlines, US Air, TACA and Delta. GREAT GOOD NEWS: TROPIC AIR NOW FLYING CANCUN TO BELIZE; Daily except Saturdays, departing Cancun 2:00 PM and departing Belize 11:30 AM, an easy one and a half hour flight time; round trip US$484.00. If you have not booked your spring or summer fishing trip or if you have any questions, please contact us and we  look forward to hearing from you and visiting with you soon. Warm regards, Mike & Marguerite

    " It is impossible to grow weary of a sport that is never the same on any two days of the year." Theodore Gordon

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