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  • April 28, 2013 – A Big Fish, a Kiss & a Fiancé

    APRIL 28, 2013

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    We lead off this Fishing Report with the picture of John Irwin's Special Grand Slam.

    Several breezy days and plentiful natural bait in our fishing areas made fishing for the Big Tarpon both very challenging and frustrating for some anglers over the past three weeks.  Many times there were big fish well within easy casting distance but good casts of popular flies and plugs were often completely ignored.  Those fish seemed to be feeding on their favorite food or had already been satisfied and wanted nothing to do with our offerings.   However, staying with them often proved very worthwhile as every once in awhile a big one would attack and jump a few times before throwing the hook, or sometimes actually getting hooked and landed.

    Eleven Tarpon 60-130 pounds were landed.  An estimated 25-30 more were jumped and lost after a few jumps even though some seemed to be well hooked.  Their many spectacular jumps and runs certainly helped them to escape.  Most anglers pursuing Big Tarpon during this period have great memories of "the ones that got away" and several anglers fishing for Big Tarpon for the first time got their wish and pictures of the experience.

    Of course the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and anglers from the Lodge often fished the Long Caye area and anglers staying at the BRL Long Caye Outpost Resort often fished the mainland and river mouth. Two lady anglers each caught two Big Tarpon, during this time. Elvin Sr. landed his very first Tarpon, an 80 pounder up the Belize River on a breezy day. Elvin Jr. got four jumps from a 100 pound Tarpon that ran straight away from the boat taking out line and almost all backing before breaking off.

    Another day while targeting Permit Elvin landed a 10 pounder and John C. landed a 12 and a 15 pounder.  The very next day at the same time and same location those Permit would not eat any of the popular patterns no matter how well presented. The best Snook day by a single angler was seven, ranging from 4-15 pounds, all on the same Bend Back Deceiver.  Other anglers also caught Snook with Half and Half chartreuse and red and white Clouser type flies, in the Rivers and mangrove Flats areas.

    A most unusual catch happened just after a big Snook got unhooked and its companion Remora immediately picked up the fly and was well hooked and landed.  Another unusual incident was a double hook up of a Cobia and a Tripletail by two anglers in the same boat.  As both fish were being brought near the boat the two lines tangled and both fish escaped; double hookup, double loss.  Bonefish, Cudas, Ladyfish, Crevalle Jacks, Cobias, Tripletail and Snappers rounded out the catches.

    The Big Migratory Tarpon are still here and we expect them to stay around through June and July.  Tripletails, a frequent visitor immediately before the migrants arrive, have stayed around for a much longer period than usual.

    The beautiful Mayflower tree is in full bloom right now after having bloomed once before this year.  Seed from the first flowering are still on the trees along with the new flowers.  The magnificent Royal Poinciana, or Flambuoyant has just started to flower and they should be in their full glory during the month of May.

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