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  • June Fishing – Rain, but Permit & Tarpon

    Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman's job is simple: Pick out the best parts. ~ Charles Waterman


    FISHING REPORT JULY 19, 2013 Every year at Belize River Lodge and for most of Belize we experience a so called "slow season" from June to October. It is referred to as tourism "slow season" because of low tourism traffic to Belize during this time. There are several reasons for the slow season but fishing activity in Belize is not one of those reasons since all our popular species are active all year round.   Most probably slow season here is because Summer and Fall weather and fishing in North America are good and closer to home.

    The Belize River Lodge fishing experience at this same time of year is great, and it is really easy to get to BRL from the USA.   Gateway cities from the US non-stop to Belize include Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, and starting Dec 21 Delta from Los Angeles. Some very recent examples of fishing at this time of year: Neil and Chris had a couple of rainy days but one day using the popular Black Death fly they landed a 100 pound Tarpon that took a full three hours to get to the boat. That was a really tough one, even with a 12 weight. The same day they also landed a 60 pound Tarpon. Next day they landed three Permit, one weighed 22 pounds and the other two were 19 pounds each. Other days they saw and cast to several more big Tarpon in schools of about 20 fish, but these big fish would not eat. And just like the Tarpon, some big Permit also would not eat anything they presented. One rainy day they also fished the river and caught 7 Snook and jumped many small Tarpon, landing two. One angler concentrated on Cubera, Red and Gray Snappers, Cudas Jacks, Mackerel and Snook and caught many of each species. Terry broke a fly rod on a nice Tarpon, saw and cast to lots of big Bones, one went well into his backing, and he landed a few small ones. Mick and Aaron stopped by for two days. They wanted to tag a couple big Tarpon but could not get any as the weather was extremely overcast and rainy, so they fished the river the last afternoon and landed several small Tarpon and jumped a few more. Other anglers at BRL's Long Caye Outpost caught Permit, Bones, baby Tarpon, Snook, Barracudas and Ladyfish. We are presently trying to locate a satellite tracking tag that just came off a Tarpon. Another tag is still attached and is in the Belize City area. Will report more later. For Saltwater Flats fishing at discounted "slow season" rates,  and for fishing pictures and fishing notes visit us on Facebook at: Belize River Lodge and also at Brl's Long Caye Outpost Facebook. Wish you were here to enjoy our discounted "slow season" rates and the good fishing!  Please contact us for information and booking.

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