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  • September, Busman’s Holiday Weekend

    Some good fishing was enjoyed by a few anglers during this “rainy season”.

    Despite some rain and overcast conditions, one day five persons from a cruise ship fished a few hours with three BRL skiffs and guides.  They landed 12 Snook and 7 Baby Tarpon.  They also jumped about 15 more Small Tarpon in the 6-18 pound range and lost several more Snook.  Not a bad day for a very short visit to Belize.

    Some other fishing days from the lodge per boat: •    One large Jack, one Bone, five Snappers, two Ladyfish and jumped two Baby Tarpon, •    Saw lots of Baby Tarpon, 20 good presentations with several different flies but no takes, •    Six Small Tarpon landed, one Bone, two Snappers, one Ladyfish landed and another one lost to a big Cuda, •    One Snapper, two Bones and one big Jack, many Small Tarpon jumped, •    Two 40 pound Tarpon, one large Red Snapper. •    One Permit broke a hook, a few more refusals despite good presentations and changes of patterns. •    One angler enjoyed a school of wildly feeding Jacks despite heavy overcast conditions. •    On one rainy day tailing Bones made good targets and four big ones were landed, •    Three Tarpon in the 15-25 pound range were also caught that rainy day.

    This being the rainy season it seems that most of the heavy rain was coming down at night.   The days were of very mixed conditions ranging from very heavy overcast periods to slightly cloudy skies and then bright sunshine.  Good rain gear came in handy so anglers did not miss any fishing time because of the weather.  On a few stormy days the rivers were a great back up and generally produced good Snook and Small Tarpon fishing.

    Busman’s holiday:    A few days at the BRL Long Caye Outpost produced good Bonefish, Small Tarpon and Barracuda fishing near the reef.  One morning I got many nice sunrise pictures from the beach for the start of a great day with scattered rain squalls and sunshine, highlighted by a big school of small feeding Jacks.  And then I enjoyed the hammock and gentle sea breeze under the coconut trees.