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  • 3rd Annual Tagging Challenge

    A few angling spots still available for 3rd Annual Tagging Challenge 2014 - March 26 to April 2

    Please help us, help Bonefish, Permit & Tarpon, while having a fun time fishing.   Our third annual tagging challenge is scheduled for March 26 to April 2, 2014. Enjoy great saltwater fishing for Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon.  We will be spaghetti tagging all Bonefish and Permit; getting dna samples of all Tarpon and satellite Tagging all large Tarpon landed.  We need help in getting the fish tagged and dna samples in order to gather the needed scientific data to help protect Belize's flats.  So if you prefer Tarpon to Bonefish or Permit to Tarpon, you can fish for it all during the Challenge week, the real challenge it to have lots of fun.

    BRL makes a donation to BTT and there are prizes for the most tagged Bonefish, Permit & Tarpon and the largest of each species. For the "wrap up" of first and second challenges, please read 2013 Challenge & 2012 Challenge.  Please contact us at info@belizeriverlodge.com for more information.


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