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  • the Bonefish Shuffle and a Challenge

    Fishing Report, December 31, 2013

    SOME HISTORICAL TIDBITS:  Belize River Lodge, formerly Barothy Caribbean Lodge, was opened in British Honduras, now Belize, in OCTOBER 1960, 54 YEARS AGO. The first guests were Jerry Poucher and Sid Port.  Many fly fishing "greats" have visited over the years, including Joe and Mary Brooks who arrived a few days after the Lodge opened and returned many more times, according to the lodge guest register.  (More history of BRL.)

    December 2013 was a rainy month.  On some rainy fishing days guests from northern USA actually enjoyed fishing in the mid 80s air temperature and sometimes in 75 degree rain.  Via the internet they happily compared this to their winter weather back home.  Belize will soon be in the dry season with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s.   You should be here.

    Fishing in December was very productive for small and medium sized Tarpon. Some days while fishing the muddy river some exciting small Tarpon and Snook action was usually had at the confluence of dark tannin stained water from tributaries entering the river.   A 15 lb Tarpon was caught on a tiny trout fly in the river.  Many small Tarpon in the 6-12 pound size were jumped and landed, some others from 25 to 80 pounds.  Collin got an 85 pounder.   Beau's very first Tarpon was 45 lbs.  Kevin landed a 20 lb Tarpon and seventeen bones one day.  Many Snook from 4-18 lbs were caught in the rivers and flats, a few were kept for dinner.  Scott caught a Grand slam with a 10 lb. Snook, 2 lb. Bone and a 25 lb. Tarpon.

    Guests at our BRL Long Caye Outpost had more opportunities for Bones and Permit.  Many Permit were seen in big schools, but overcast skies and windy conditions made Permit fishing tougher than usual.

    Though many days were cloudy or overcast Bone fishing was very good and excellent for many anglers.   On two separate occasions the "Bonefish Shuffle" was enjoyed by anglers taking turns catching Bonefish.  Sometimes they had double hookups with each boat landing 44 and 40 Bonefish for a day, some up to 5 lbs, most at 2-3 lbs.

    Barracudas, Snappers and Jacks rounded out some very productive days.  Some fishing guests also enjoyed Eco-Tours for serious Birding, and visits to several Maya sites and the Mangrove Cathedrals.

    If you need a break from your winter wonderland, Belize River Lodge is easy to get to via Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte and now, non- stop from Los Angles on Delta. For more information on fishing in the upcoming season,  please contact us.


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    Join our 3rd Annual Tagging Challenge Bonefish and Tarpon Trust,  Belize River Lodge and Frontiers Travel are hosting our third annual Belize River Lodge Bonefish and Permit Tagging Challenge during the week of March 26 to April w, 2014.  We are very excited to have moved the Challenge into March, as we are hoping that the migratory Tarpon will be making a big showing also.  Michael Larkin, Ph.D. will be returning to give an updated presentation on the findings of BTT.   Continue reading ...


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    Message from Marguerite

    Dear Friends, It seems that each year goes by faster than the year before.  2014 has arrived and we only have eleven months left to accomplish everything - goals, work, fishing, more work, vacation, work again, family time, everything that is important between the work and things that have to get done.

    At the Lodge, we were lucky to visit with family and friends over the holidays.  Mike and I are both doing well and all of the BRL family are also doing well and geared up for 2014.  We all look forward to visiting with everyone in the upcoming year. Message continued


    How did it get so late so soon? It's night before it's afternoon. December is here before it's June. My goodness how the time has flewn.  How did it get so late so soon? ~ Dr. Seuss

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