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    FISHING REPORT - JULY 31, 2014 Permity Flats

    As two new guests, William and Grant arrived at the international airport around midday, a concentrated little weather system was also just coming in with heavy clouds, thunder and lightening and a little rain.  I explained that our rainy season was now about six weeks late, but this little front would be just a temporary inconvenience.  They produced rain coats and said they were ready for anything. Their primary goal this week was to catch a Permit and a Snook. After checking in and a brief orientation on the verandah at the lodge they were ready with the right equipment and a great assortment of flies for Permit, Snook, Tarpon and Bones.  On their way to BRL’s Long Caye Outpost that first afternoon they fished near the mouth of the Belize River, the north coast of Belize City and then the cayes and channels along the way.  A little rain and thunder did not dampen their excitement and they were rewarded with catching two average size Snook and seeing a very big one; just two hours after coming to Belize. The weather cleared up nicely the following day and fishing conditions were optimal around the Long Caye Outpost for the next few days.  During that time they saw and cast to several schools of Permit and Bonefish on the white sand flats, grass and mud flats and coral reef areas.   One school of Permit was estimated to be over a hundred, but obviously not hungry, as not one Permit in this large school would take a fly. One day they landed five small Permit, one near the reef and then four more on a mud flat after 5:00 p.m.  Many more big Permit were cast to, some refused to pick up, a few were hooked and broken off.  Of course, only the big ones got away. A few more Snook and about 24 Bones were also caught in the clear waters near the Outpost.  Several big Tarpon in the 80-100 pound size were cast to near the reef and in the channels.  One hundred pounder took a fly but the “trout set” ended that brief encounter. On the last day back to the lodge they fished the Sibun River and canals and creeks along the way.  They caught a very, very small Tarpon, a tiny Snook, one Tilapia and five Bay Snook.  The Bay Snook is a Central American Cichlid, Petenia Splendida. Other anglers in July caught 24 and 30 pound Permit and a few Grand Slams.  Sadly, with all these beautiful fish landed, we did not get any of the guest’s photos. The Belize River is green and the rainy season still not here.  

    ><((*>  ><(*> Catch and Release – Tarpon, Bonefish & Permit <*)><  <*))><