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  • March 2015 – Long time guest come a visiting.


    Fifty three years ago in 1962 Charlie Eberle and about ten of his business associates from Proctor and Gamble starting fishing from this lodge here on the Belize Olde River.  At that time the lodge was known as Barothy’s Caribbean Lodge, then later on as Keller Caribbean Sports and since 1987 as Belize River Lodge.  Visiting anglers fished then, as they still do now for Tarpon, Snook, Bonefish, Permit, Cudas, Jacks, Snappers and others.

    Very recently, more than half a century later, on his first day out Charlie jumped ten Tarpon and landed six of those acrobatic and exciting 15-25 pound Baby Tarpon.  “Just like in the old days, the famous old Creek Chub Yellow Darter still works” he said.

    During the week Charlie also caught several Snook, Jacks, Spanish Mackerel and Cudas.  One day his wife Bonnie went after Bonefish and landed “four in a row, one right after another”.  Over the years our fishing has evolved from mostly spin fishing, bait casting and trolling into a lot more fly fishing.  And these days we are much more into Catch and Release, occasionally keeping a Snook, Snapper or Barracuda for fresh fish for the table.  (No problem with ciguatera here).

    Some other highlights of this period: Darrell S. caught sixty one Snook and released all but one. John M. hooked 50 Tarpon and landed 12 on a single day; “my best day of fishing, ever” he said. Michael K. caught a 40 pound Cubera Snapper in the river and several Snook in the 10-15 pound size. Jeff B. fished with his son and grandson who caught his very first Tarpon the first day and another one on his second day. Darrell, Paul. Scott, Brian and Jack were the only ones who landed Permit even though many big schools of cruising and tailing Permit were cast to by other anglers.

    Big Tarpon in the 75-120 pound range are being found in their regular areas but they seem to be well fed and pass up many perfect presentations.   Many others were jumped or fought, sometimes for more than and hour before being lost.  Guenter and Jake each landed one of these beauties.

    Grand Slams were landed by Nathan, Darrell, Jack and Todd.

    The Bonefish Tarpon Trust tagging challenge is now underway here at the lodge and at BRL’s Long Caye Outpost.  We are looking forward to seeing the tally of fish tagged and DNA samples taken.  Sport fishing and science! Mike Heusner March 31, 2015.


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