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  • The slow season that is not so slow.

    August 28, 2015 During the past month in Belize, the weather has been very dry with bright sunny days and just a few short showers at night.  The river in front of the Lodge is a beautiful green and a dolphin is a regular visitor that seems to tease the dogs by jumping and splashing to show its presence. Some light breezy days with winds of 5-15 knots made our flats fishing very comfortable despite temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s.  In addition to the Flats, the Sibun and Belize Rivers were also successfully fished for Tarpon and Snook.  Crocodiles, iguanas, river turtles, howler monkeys and many species of birds supplemented the river fishing.    

    Ten Permit ranging from 3-22 pounds were landed and Bone fishing was sometimes very easy and productive.  Very large schools of small to medium Permit were regularly seen and pursued.  Some first timers were intrigued and challenged by the stealth and elusiveness of Bonefish and Permit. Four Grand Slams and a Super Slam were landed and included a 15 and 20 pound Snook and a 22 pound Permit. Though many Tarpon over 100 pounds were seen, cast to, jumped and/or fought for several minutes only two were actually landed.  These were all the resident big Tarpon that are here all year round.  They are always here but a little extra time is required to find them and get their attention. Allen B. had a hundred pounder on for 25 minutes.  This big fish jumped over the bow of the boat and soared through the air just about two feet in front of his face.  This was Allen’s first trip to BRL and he said it was all and more than he expected and was very exciting and challenging. Bob B. wanted to target Bones and got a Grand Slam in the progress. Presentación de PowerPointAlex and Anna M also fished BRL for the first time.  Anna landed three Permit and Alex one big Permit with his Super Slam.   The most productive flies were: the Tarpon Snake for Big Tarpon, Chartreuse Half & Half for Tarpon and Snook in the rivers, Puglisi Everglades and Mangrove Baitfish for Small Tarpon and Snook in the mangrove flats, Avalon and Spawning Shrimp for Permit and various small flies for Bonefish.   We have all these flies in stock for sale at the BRL. There are still a few months left of 2015 to get in your flats fishing trip at our Summer/Fall discounted package rates.  Email with any questions or for more information.  

    <((*>  Catch and Release - Tarpon, Bonefish & Permit  <*))><