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  • Well you were right!

    "Jean and I had a great time. Aaron and Mick were easy going traveling companions. Mike, Marguerite, and the staff at Belize River Lodge were just great. The service, attention, and food were all top notch. And of course our guide Pedro and the fishing were great as well - it did not hurt that I caught my first grand slam on the first day! We saw a crocodile out on the flats, another first for me. In addition to my first snook we caught many bonefish, lost a nice tarpon after multiple jumps, caught a small tarpon and visited several Mayan sites.  That doesn’t cover the rejections we had on other tarpon and permit, which just makes me want to go back! It was a fantastic trip. Jean and I send our sincerest appreciation to everyone involved, both for this trip and for the work BTT is doing. We learned  a bunch on this trip with Aaron and Mick" With a follow-up: “Really great trip, especially when you get back to the real world and start daydreaming about clear water and the open mouth of a snook inhaling your E P Everglades or the full body wiggle that a bonefish does when he turns down on your fly!” ~  B.  Nash, Jr  ~ September 2016