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  • February Fish Tales ~ 2016

    FEBRUARY 29, 2016 Fish Tales Snook fishing was very good at BRL in February.  From the mouth of the Belize River, to the nearby and outer Mangrove Cayes, Belize City shoreline, Haulover Creek and the Sibun River these areas have all been very productive.  

    The “elusive Snook” sometimes lived up to its name but many times were eager to slam well presented flies and lures.  As is usually the case with Snook fishing, as soon as they take the fly/lure they immediately turn and head back to the mangrove roots.  This is their escape tactic. During his week here Darrell landed 29 Snook, six over ten pounds, two at 12-14 pounds.  Most of these were caught on the Clouser type Half  & Half.  He also got nine Bones, three Tarpon, a 58 inch Cuda that was over his 30 pound Boga grip.   Most days during this week were very windy and rainy.    Unlike the Snook, Tarpon almost immediately jump and shake once they feel the hook   Small Tarpon in the 6-30 pound range were very often found along with the Snook.  Anglers sometimes did not see which of the two game fish took their offering and often times instead of  bowing to the Tarpon they vigorously set and pulled the hook out of the Tarpon’s mouth. Other anglers shared their time on Snook, Tarpon, Bones, Jacks, Snappers, Cudas and Ladyfish.  Due to unseasonably windy and rainy weather in February not much time was spent Permit fishing and only a few small ones were boated.   Writer and photographer David and Nick from France each landed Grand Slams of Bonefish, Tarpon and Snook their first time fishing in Belize.  We are looking forward to their fishing articles and photos.  They enjoyed our waters and especially several very nice Snook.  On their very first day up the Belize River they lost a big Tarpon estimated at about 100 pounds to a broken line.    (To see David's published articles, please click here.)   BRL does some day fishing trips for passengers coming to Belize on cruise ships.  Some of these day trips are booked directly with BRL and some are booked through our regular fishing agents.  These day trips are booked and confirmed in advance, pending space availability at BRL.  Many times we have been told that cruise ship tour directors warn passengers about some perceived dangers if they venture outside the cruise ship approved shore station / shopping area to do tours with independent operators.  This we believe is an attempt by the cruise ships to keep cruise passengers to their cruise ship profit centers.   Though not to be ignored we have safely and productively hosted cruise passengers for day fishing trips for over ten years.   Remember Belize river Lodge is just about fifteen minutes from the international airport; no deep sea crossings, no small plane rides to get to the lodge.

    For more information, please contact us by BRL e-mail or toll free at 1-888-275-4843.

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