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  • We had a blast on our visit!

    Good evening Misha, we had a blast on our visit to BRL!!!!We can not thank you enough for helping us put together a trip of a lifetime.  Mike and Marguerite are the greatest of hosts and the staff are always on point with whatever we needed or answered our questions without a blink.  The guides are phenomenal, with spent the trip with Jamal. He was Lisa's best friend, took care of her the whole trip. Dennis was with 2 young guys from Florida and he was always around in the mornings with a quick Hello and need anything.  Pedro was a trip! I spent a little time with him in the early AM and he is cool guy to listen to. We are still thinking about the 13th of March for another trip.  Thank you again and Happy Holidays, ~ Jeff and Lisa S.  ~  December 2016