Getting Ready to Go Long Caye

After you have confirmed your trip to Long Caye Outpost Lodge, below are items to note while at Long Caye.

Catch & Release Only

Belize River Lodge was the first to practice catch and release for Permit, Bonefish & Tarpon and as of the summer of 2009, it is now law!   Belize law states that all Permit, Tarpon and Bonefish are Catch & Release only.  Even though not protected by law, BRL continues its goal to improve the fishing environment, so only one Snook per day at guide’s size discretion (and only if wanted by the guest) may be kept.  Some Snapper, Barracuda & Grouper may be kept for the table, again only if wanted by the guest.

Belize Fishing Licenses

A fishing license is now required to sports fish in Belize.   Due to the Sport Fishing regulations protecting the three main sport fishing species,  Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit, the Coastal Zone Management Authority (CZMA) has been given the mandate to issue Sport Fishing licenses and collect Sport Fishing license fees.   Note:  Belize River Lodge has fishing licenses on-site and your fishing license can be issued once you reach the Lodge.  Fishing licenses are per person – US$25.00 for the week or US$10.00 per day.

Fresh Water

Fresh water is either collected from rain or boated out to the island.  Please be conscious of fresh water usage. The bathroom shower and sink have hot/cold fresh water.  Toilets are saltwater flushed.

Long Caye Outpost Lodge – Items to consider before heading out to the island

Long Caye is stocked per trip for food and drinks.  Alcohol is basic stocking of 2 cases of Belikin Beer and 1 bottle of One Barrel Rum, purchased by guests, only if used.  When booking Long Caye Outpost Lodge, please note that along with basic stock of alcohol, we do NOT have flies, lures, any rods & reels, tying bench and materials.  All of this is available at the main Lodge, so please be prepared.  When staying on the island, please consider.

___ Drinks (sodas, tonic, soda water, beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages)
___ Rod & Reels
___ Food requests (diets & special requests)
___ Drink requests
___ Flies & Lures
___ Leaders
___ Anything else of importance

Please let us know if you need any of the above items so that we can have Long Caye stocked for your arrival.

Dietary Requirements at Long Caye Outpost Lodge

The Outpost is 14 miles from the nearest supplies and is stocked before your arrival on the island.  We need to know of any dietary requirements (food allergies or special requests) BEFORE your arrival in Belize, so that your cook is aware and the island is fully stocked and prepared.  The cook can accommodate dietary needs as long as she is aware ahead of time.
The cook can handle an assortment of dietary restrictions and have a menu planned for your requirements.  Please let us know if you need a diet to take into account:
_____  Diabetes, _____ High Cholesterol, _____  Celiac Disease, _____  Vegetarian, _____ Other, Notes on other:  ____________________

If you do not eat on of the below foods, due to allergies, dietary needs to just plain dislike, please let us know ahead of time so that we can plan your menu accordingly.
_____ Milk, _____ Eggs, _____ Eggs cooked in breads, _____ Milk cooked in breads, _____ Butter, _____ Cheese, _____ Sugar (white), _____ Pasta (white flour), _____ White Rice (brown rice alternative), _____ Potatoes (sweet potato alternative), _____ White bread (wheat alternative), _____ Onions, _____ Mayonnaise, _____ Mustard, _____ Pickles, _____ Relish, _____ Beef, _____ Pork, _____ Chicken, _____ Fish, _____ Shellfish (shrimp, lobster, conch), _____ Other  _________________, _____ Other  _________________, _____ Other  _________________
Available upon request:  Soy &/or Almond milk, bran cereal.

Drinking water and Ice

All drinking water and ice is purified bottled water and ice.  We purchase ahead of time and boat out to the island per trip.  Please be conscious to securely close ice coolers and minimize wasted water.

Liquor at Long Caye Outpost Lodge

The Outpost Lodge will have 2 cases Belikin Beer (US$3.00 per bottle) and bottle of One Barrel Rum (US$15.00 per bottle) & guest sign a tab for drinks, which will be billed upon checkout.  We will not have anything other alcohol stocked, unless by request.  If anything else is needed (wine, more beer, spirits, specific mixers), please e-mail with any requests, which can be purchased by the bottle.  You may bring your own alcoholic beverages, if you like.  When entering Belize, after Immigration and before luggage retrieval, there is a “Duty Free”.  This is an easy place to pick up your liquor and tobacco.  If purchased at the duty free in Belize, visitors are allowed 4 liters of alcohol duty free each.  If additional beer or alcohol is needed while you are on Long Caye, an extra charge will be incurred for us to take extra requests out to the island.
Note:  Long Caye Outpost will have an assortment of sodas (Coke, Sprite, Red Fanta, Orange Fanta, Tonic and Soda Water).  Six bottles of tonic and 6 bottles of soda water are stocked at Long Caye, if you need additional, no problem, please let us know before your arrival in Belize. Light Coke (diet) is provided upon request.

Electricity and electrical outlets at Long Caye

Long Caye Outpost Lodge gets power from one of two generators.  Generators run while guests are ashore.  The power output of the generators is the same as the USA (110 volts, 60 cycles).  Most outlets are three prong, a few outlets are two prong, so you may want to bring a two-into-three prong electrical plug converters ($1.00 at a hardware store in the US).  If you have a lot of camera equipment, etc, you may want to bring a small power strip to handle your electronics in one area of the Outpost guest house.

Long Caye Outpost Lodge Internet Service

Internet is NOT provided in the Long Caye package.  Internet is now available by wireless router, via Smart 3G.  We have the routers for rent for US$5.00 per day, and you can let us know how much time you would like us to have on it.
1 GB = US$15.00 ~ 2 GB = US$25.00 ~ 5 GB = US$35.00 ~ 10 GB = US$45.00
15 GB = US$55.00 ~ 20 GB = US$65.00 ~ 25 GB = US$75.00
If you let us know, we will charge up the Smart router, and it can be paid when checking out.  The wireless router can handle up to 5 computers.

Long Caye Outpost Lodge Phone Service

Phone is NOT provided in the Long Caye package.  Long Caye has cel service and the staff have cel phones in case of emergencies.  If you will be using your US cel phone in Belize, you will need to call while in the USA (country of origin) and have your service provider open it up for International calling and Belize in general.  There are many coconut trees on the island, but if you walk around you will get a cel signal.   The upstairs bedroom and the pier has good service.  Belize rental cel phone available, please contact us for more information and rates.
Note:  The BRL office is in contact with the staff at Long Caye almost daily.  If any emergencies at home or messages from home, family can call the main Lodge at 011-501-225-2002 and we can get a message to you while you are at Long Caye.

Travel Documents

A valid passport is required to enter Belize and must be valid at least six months beyond the duration of your stay.  Visitors from the USA, UK and most of the Caribbean do not need Visas.  Most other countries do.  Any questions, please contact the Embassy of Belize in the USA at (202) 332-9636 or Fax (202) 332-6888.

Travel Arrangements

Guests fly to Belize International Airport, airport code is BZE. You are met by a member of the Lodge staff, who will shuttle you to the Lodge which is only a few miles away. Agents normally handle airline ticketing or you can get it online.  The following airlines fly to Belize and you can contact them online:

  • Avianca offers a red eye out of Los Angeles, CA
  • American Airlines offers direct service from Miami, FL; Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA
  • Copa Airlines will offer direct service to Belize from Panama, Central America – starting in December 2015
  • Delta offers direct service Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA
  • Southwest Airlines will offer direct service to Belize via Houston, TX – starting in August 2015
  • Tropic Air flies daily to San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa and Roatan, Honduras;  Guatemala City and Flores, Guatemala and Cancun and Merida Mx.
  • United Airlines offers direct service Houston, TX daily and Newark, NJ and Chicago, IL
  • US Airways offers direct service Charlotte, NC

If you are arriving in your private aircraft, planes should clear through Philip Goldson International Airport (airport code: BZE) with the Belize Civil Aviation Department and the Belize Airport Authority.  For more details, please check the PGIA website.

Belize Departure Tax

There is a fee of US$39.25 for the Belize Departure Tax & Airport Security Fees that may be included in your ticket or must be paid at the airport upon leaving Belize.  If not included in your ticket, this must be paid at the airport in US Dollars before departing Belize.

Travel Protection

Travel Insurance and protection is always nice to have as you never know what the future will hold or if plans need to be changed at the last minute.  Travel protection is available from most travel agents or is available online.  Many travel insurance sites are available, here are a few that we know about:  Travelex Insurance Services or Travel Guard Insurance.
Note:  If you are booked during hurricane season (June to October), and you have paid for your trip, if a storm brews and your trip has to be postponed, no problem, you don’t lose any money, you have one year to reschedule your dates.


The Belizean dollar is worth half of a U.S. dollar.  Dollars are accepted everywhere, but change will be given in Belizean dollars.  For your convenience, please bring small bills to cover small expenses, such as Departure Tax, bar bill, & incidentals.


BRL does not include a service charge or gratuities on your bill.  Gratuities are appreciated by our staff who work hard to make your stay enjoyable and memorable.  Please tip your guide on your last day of activity and the staff on your departure day.  Tipping is a personal thing based on service.  Please plan on tipping in cash for both guides and lodge staff.  If help is needed, please ask the Lodge manager for guidelines.

Carry-on Baggage

Most anglers like to carry on their rods, reels and fishing equipment.  Carry-on regulations are not set in stone and depend on the airport that you are traveling from.  The most up-to-date information on security procedures can be found on the web.   While not specific, it is a good guideline; however, it does state the following:

  • Fishing rods:  Fishing rods are permitted as carry-on and checked baggage.  However, please check with your air carrier that it fits within their size limitations for carry-on items.  Ultimately, it is the carrier’s decision as to whether or not it can be transported as carry-on baggage.
  • Tackle Equipment – Fishing equipment should be placed in your checked baggage.  Some tackle equipment can be considered sharp and dangerous.  Expensive reels or fragile tackle such as fly’s should be packed in your carry-on baggage.
  • Medications – any medicines prescribed by a doctor and taken daily should be packed in carry-on.
Marguerite’s Restaurant & Meals

BRL serves family style meals and our daily menus are varied and very tasty. It is best if we know before you arrive in Belize if you have any special dietary restrictions (food allergies or special requests), so that we can prepare your meals to your needs.  However, the main Lodge is near supplies, so we can usually accommodate requests quickly.  When checking in, we double check with you on dietary requirements and if we somehow missed yours, please be sure to let management know of any dietary restrictions or requirements that the kitchen staff needs to be aware.  It is extremely necessary to know your dietary need before your arrival in Belize if you are staying on Long Caye.

Natural Pests/Wildlife

Due to the tropical climate of Belize, it is very likely that you will encounter natural pests.  Belize River Lodge is a jungle lodge so the possibility of seeing lizards, geckos, iguana, frogs and spiders are common and are harmless.  They all help to eliminate unwanted pests.  If you encounter a scorpion or a snake, don’t panic!  Usually they are more afraid of you and are trying to get away.  Let us know if you need help removing them from wherever you are.


We try to protect the environment and we minimize the use of sprays and insecticides, as they also harm birds and butterflies.  Mosquitos and No-seeums (sandfly’s) can be pesky, especially around sun-up and sun-down, and are the worst you will encounter.  Mosquito repellant is a good deterrent and light weight long pants with socks and light weight long sleeve shirts also help to keep them from biting you.


GPS’s on a fishing boat always ensures that the fishing is never as good as when it is just the anglers and the guide on board.   Please leave your GPS at home.

Salt Water

Saltwater is very corrosive. Rinse your rods & reels daily with fresh water. At the Lodge, it is policy that at the end of the day, your guide or Mike will rinse your rods & reels down with fresh water at the dock. After your trip, rinse & clean all equipment & clothing thoroughly before storing.

Cigars at Long Caye Outpost Lodge

Cuban cigars need to be pre-ordered before your arrival and departure to the island.  Basic cigars are available at the Lodge and can be purchased during check-in.  All cigars ordered will be billed upon check-out.

Music at Long Caye Outpost Lodge

The guest house has a cd/ipod player.  If you would like to enjoy music in the evenings or during dinner.  If you don’t see if, just check with us.  If using an ipod/mp3 player, please bring a basic “male to male” auxiliary cable to connect device to deck player.

Fly Tying Bench

Only available at main Lodge, if you would like a tying vice available at Long Caye Outpost Lodge, please let us know and a basic vice will be available, not tying materials.

Rentals at Long Caye Outpost Lodge

All fly and spin equipment is available for rent from the Lodge. You will visit the main Lodge on your arrival for check-in.  If you need to rent any equipment, please let us know and we can get it for you while you check-in.  If equipment is needed while you are on Long Caye, an extra charge will be incurred for us to take rental equipment out to the island.  All rentals will be billed upon check-out.

Flies, lures, leaders at Long Caye Outpost Lodge

All flies, leaders, lures and tackle is available for sale from the main Lodge.  If you know ahead of time that you will need tackle/flies/leaders, we can have it ready for your arrival.   If you are not sure before you arrive in Belize, you will visit the main Lodge on your arrival for check-in at which time you can purchase any tackle/flies/leaders.  If tackle/flies/leaders, etc is needed while you are on Long Caye, an extra charge will be incurred for us to take tackle out to the island.   All purchases will be billed upon check-out.

Suggested Reference Books
  • Fly Fishing in Saltwater by Lefty Kreh
  • Fishing the Flats by Sosin & Kreh
  • Fly Fishing for Bonefish by Dick Brown
  • Saltwater Fly Fishing by Jeff Currier
  • Practical Fishing Knots II by Mark Sosin & Lefty Kreh
  • Fly Fishing Belize by Jim Klug

From Vic Barothy’s time to present day, this is a beautiful book with photos of all over Belize from the 1960’s till today.
From Jim’s website:  “With images and text from photographer and fly fishing travel professional Jim Klug, Fly Fishing Belize provides an in-depth look at all the country has to offer anglers, travelers and modern-day adventurers. The large-format book includes a stunning collection of photographs shot throughout the country, information on Belize’s numerous coastal fisheries, and historical writings and contributions from some of the biggest names in fishing.  This book is a must-have for both saltwater flats fishermen and non-anglers who truly appreciate the scenic beauty of this Caribbean country. From a photography perspective, this book will speak to those who have fished Belize and those who plan to in the future.”

Facts about your hosts

Mike and Marguerite purchased the Lodge in 1986 and have owned and managed it since; however, their tourism career started years before.  Mike and Marguerite managed the Lodge, when it was known as Keller’s Caribbean Sports (KCS) from 1980-1981. In late 1981, they were hired to manage Pyramid Island Lodge and moved to Caye Chapel.   They left Caye Chapel and opened up Discover Belize, known for live-aboard (the Permit) fishing and duck hunting trips, yes, there are blue-winged teal in Belize.  In the mid ‘80’s with Belize’s regulations on gun control tightening and Mike and Marguerite’s focus to conservation beginning, they phased out the duck hunting and continued fishing with a big focus on catch and release on the sporting species.  When KCS went on the market in 1986, it was the right transition for them.  When Mike and Marguerite managed and then purchased the Lodge, the guides were from good Ole’ Vic’s days – Jimmy Evans, Richard Smith, Phillip Andrewin, Roy Baptist and Leroy Eiley.   These guides were a font on information on the old days and the fishing of Central Belize.  With Mike and Marguerite’s experience of Belize, tourism and fishing, they are entertaining and knowledgeable hosts.


All of our promotional material, brochures, magazine ads, website, dvd, flyers etc are guest photos.  If you have any pictures from you trip that you would like to share and don’t mind us using your photos, please let us know.  We can download the pictures to our computer before you leave the Lodge.  We appreciate all pictures of all fish, flora, fauna or anything that you find interesting while visiting.

Trip Feedback

We do not always get in touch with you after a trip, this is not because we do not care about your thoughts on what could have made your trip better, it is because we are giving the guest at the Lodge the same personalized attention that you received.  Please contact us with feedback so that we can continue to make the Lodge better and we always appreciate hearing when you just enjoyed your trip.

After confirming your dates, Plan for your trip . . .

The best thing you can do to get ready after booking your trip is to practice your casting.  Accuracy of cast is far more important than distance.  Speed of re-casting is also very important as saltwater fish tend to move across the flats.  So, if you have an accurate 40’ cast and can pick that fly up and recast, example from 12:00 to 2:00 to get in front of a moving school of fish, this is far better and will hook more fish, then a wild 60’ cast.

Your guides are there not only to get you into fish, but to help make your fishing trip go as smoothly as possible.  They are well versed in both fly and spin fishing and know that area of Central Belize well.  Some guides tend to be a bit shyer than others, and don’t want to be presumptuous, so if you need something, let them know.  If you need help with your casting, the guides are experienced in fly fishing and conventional tackle.  The guides will make fly/lure recommendations and help to rig rods.

When fishing, you are on the bow of the skiff and the guide is normally on the platform at the aft.  Guides use the “clock” system, and foot measurements to help you locate fish.  If standing facing forward on the skiff, the bow is 12:00, hard right is 3:00 and hard left is 9:00.   For foot measurements, your flyrod is approximately 9’ and a spinning rod is anywhere from 6’ to 9’.  Your guide should go over this before fishing so you are both referring to the same thing – if he forgets, please remind him.

And finally, guides are people and not all have the same personalities.  All of our guides know fishing and the areas to fish in Central Belize and all of our guides will work hard to get you into fish.  They like when you catch fish as much as you do, if not more so.  Sometimes weather or the fish themselves are not coorporative and this is not the guides fault.  They will be working harder to find fish in bad weather conditions.

Wading:  Some wading is available from both the main Lodge and the Outpost Lodge.  If you would like to wade, please let us know ahead of time, so that we can schedule you with a guide who wades.  There is no wading while fishing Snook and Tarpon.  If fishing for Bonefish & Permit, about 20% of our flats are wadable.  Please note, that the wadable flats are usually the first to blow out in windy conditions.