Fly Fishing List

Fly Fishing List

Belize Fly Fishing Recommendations

All flyfishing supplies (lines, leaders, flies) can be purchased at a local flyshop in your area. Or, if you don’t have a flyshop nearby, please search the web, for flies search “saltwater flies”, “saltwater leaders” etc. BRL also has a full selection of flies and leaders for sale at the main Lodge.

  • Bonefish: 7 – 8 wt
  • Tarpon (5 to 75 lbs), Snook, Permit, & Cudas: 9 – 10 wt
  • Large Tarpon (80 to 150+ lbs): 11 – 12 wt
  • Anodized with excellent drag systems.
  • Capable of holding your fly line and at least 150 yards of 20 lb. or 30 lb. backing.
  • Floating lines (8 wt, 9 wt &/or 10 wt): All Bonefish & Permit fishing
  • Floating lines (9 wt &/or 10 wt): Tarpon & Snook fishing on the Flats and along the mangroves.
  • Intermediate lines (10 wt, 11 wt &/or 12 wt): Snook & Tarpon fishing in the rivers & deeper saltwater flats and channels
  • Sink tips: For channels & river fishing 300 to 600 grain.
  • Scientific Angler & Rio lines are good.
Bonefish Tapered Leaders10′ long leader, 10 to 12 lb tippet
Permit Leaders10′ long leader, 12 to 16 lb tippet
Snook & Small Tarpon – Custom Fly Leader20×40’s or 20×60’s
Large Tarpon – Custom Fly Leader20×80’s or 20×100’s
Toothy Critter Wire Leaders7 1/2′ tippet – 30 lb wire

Clear mono, 10 Yd coils in test #60, #80, #100.

If you are tying your own leaders, here are a few guidelines.

Bonefish12″ to 24″ of 20 lb.9 ft. Tapered10 lb.
Permit12″ to 24″ of 20 lb.9 ft. Tapered12 – 16 lb.
Tarpon4 ft. of 40 lb.2 ft. of 12 – 20 lb.18” of 60 to 100 lb.
Snook/Jack4 ft. of 40 lb.2 ft. of 12 – 20 lb.18″ of 60 lb.
Barracuda4 ft. of 40 lb.2 ft. of 12 – 20 lb.1 ft. of 30 lb. Wire.
Below are Mike’s fly recommendations, feel free to add or subtract depending on what you would like to fish for. This recommendation is based per skiff (2 anglers) for a 7 night/6 day package. This is a “barebone” list and if you would like to specialize on a particular species, you should get more flies for that species, i.e if you want to mainly target Tarpon, you should get more tarpon flies. Please note, that we have a full selection of flies available for sale at the Lodge.
Bonefish and Permit:
Bonefishing is in very skinny water, all bonefish flies should have small eyes or no eyes.
2 eachChico’s Bonefish Special6
4 eachGotcha6
2 eachCrazy Charlie- Tan or pink6
2 eachDeep Water Gotcha4
2 eachBonefish Slider- Tan4
2 eachSpawning Shrimp4
2 eachRaghead Crab – Tan or Olive4
2 eachMerkin4
3 eachBauer Fur Crab – Tan or Olive4
4 eachMoney Crab – Olive4


3 eachCockroach3/0 or 4/0
3 eachRed/White Tarpon3/0 or 4/0
3 eachGrizzly Orange Tarpon3/0 or 4/0
3 eachToads – Black/Purple & Red/Black2/0 or 3/0
3 eachBlack Death3/0 or 4/0
3 eachWhistlers3/0 or 4/0
2 eachTarpon Snake (large Tarpon only3/0
Tarpon, Snook and Jacks:
2 eachDeceiver – Green, Blue1/0 or 2/0
2 eachDeceiver – Chartreuse1/0 or 2/0
2 eachPuglisi Everglade2/0
2 eachSeducer – Red/White & Red/Yellow1/0 or 2/0
2 eachDeepwater Clouser – Red/White & Chart/White1/0, 2/0
2 eachBig Popper – Yellow, Blue3/0
2 eachGurgler – Black, Yellow or White2/0, 3/0
2 eachHalf and Half – Chartreuse/white with & without flash2/0, 3/0

Note: In the fall months, the guides prefer to use chartreuse and white, some with flash, other no flash Deceivers, Clousers and Half and Half’s for Tarpon and Snook.



4 eachCuda Fly – Green (double hooked tandem Wire)3/0

We have in stock a selection of flies & lures that work well at BRL. If you cannot find a particular fly or if you don’t want the hassle, no worries, you can get the flies you need at the Lodge. We also have leaders and lures available for sale and rental fly and spinning equipment.

Mike’s Closet (Tackle Shop): BRL has a small tackle shop with an assortment of fishing supplies – flies, lures, backing, lines, leaders and tippet. Mike’s Closet has a good selection of flies and lures on sale (based on the BRL recommended lists), however, you can follow our fishing list and bring everything that you will need, using Mike’s Closet as a back-up. If you cannot find something on the recommended list, don’t worry, we have it available at the main Lodge. Rental equipment, both fly and spin, is also available.

Rental Equipment: Belize River Lodge has rental equipment, subject to availability. Fly fishing equipment is top quality, mainly Sage rods, 8 wt’s, 10 wt’s & 12 wt’s, & Teton or Sage saltwater reels. All reels have Rio lines. We also have a few Winston rods in our rental equipment. Spin fishing equipment is also top quality, mainly Ugly Sticks with Shimano or Penn reels. If you find that you are short of the needed equipment, flies or lures, we have a good stock of flies & lures that work well for the local waters. Please check with someone in the office. Please check with someone in the office on availability and pricing.
Note: Rod Demo’s. If you thinking of purchasing a new rod when you get home and would like to try a specific rod or a day, please let us know. The latest models of Sage and Winston are available for demo at no charge for one day.

Fly Tying Bench: Belize River Lodge has a fly tying bench with tying materials available for guest use. If you have a particular fly that you like to tie, maybe bring a few of those materials with you. If you would like some instruction or would like to learn to tie flies during your stay, Mike & a few of the guides can help you. Only available at main Lodge, if you would like a tying vice available at Long Caye Outpost Lodge, please let us know. If requested for Long Caye, the vice will be available, not tying materials.