Belize River Lodge Fishing VS Long Caye Outpost Fishing

BRL Fishing VS LCO Fishing

There are not many differences when fishing from the Belize River Lodge or Long Caye Outpost Lodge.  Both areas are home to a variety of species – Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snook and others.  The biggest difference is location. The main Lodge is a jungle Lodge on the Belize Olde River.  We are only three miles up the river, so the river mouth is about 10 minutes by boat and the nearest flat for bonefish is about 20 minutes from the Lodge. From the main Lodge, we fish about 16 miles from the Lodge, which incorporates a large area, including Long Caye.   From the Lodge, if the winds pick up, we can fish the Belize River, Sibun River and Manatee River and all inland lagoons and creeks for Tarpon and Snook.  Fishing from the Lodge, with the flats, Barrier Reef, channels and saltwater lagoons and the river and surrounding areas gives us wide range of fishing locations for a multitude of species, with the primary focus Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish and Snook.

BRL’s Long Caye Outpost Lodge is about 14 miles from the main Lodge.  On calm days, the nearest Bonefish flat is right in front of the guest house.  Tarpon, Snook, Permit and Bonefish are found all around Long Caye and the surrounding cayes and flats.  The Long Caye channel, directly behind the Outpost is known for large Tarpon fishing.   When fishing from Long Caye, you lose the river fishing, however, when it is windy, the guides fish the “back” side of the island and surrounding island and the inner caye lagoons.

No matter which you choose, the main Lodge or Long Caye, you will have ample opportunity to fish for Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Snook and a variety of other species.  Many guests have decided that they enjoy a combination of both locations – with a 7 Night/6 Day Package, fishing 3 days from the main Lodge and 3 days from Long Caye.

Note:  If you have a non-anglers in your group that would like to visit the inland Maya temples and jungle, the main Lodge has easy access to all inland tours, so this is a better option.