Spin Fishing List

Spin Fishing List

Conventional Tackle Suggestions

Note: Lure name and colors change often, faster than we can keep up with. If you cannot find a specific lure, you can find something to substitute. When purchasing lures, you are looking for the following:

Bonefish & permit: Fished mainly on shallow flats can either be turtlegrass, coral of sand flats, so look you need a lighter jig for grass and a little heavier jig for sand. Weed guards will be needed for turtle grass flats.

Tarpon & Snook: we fish in different bodies of water, so you need to look for three different suspending lures – Surfaces, 2 to 10 feet. This covers all water depths.

For colors, anything similar to the colors listed will work.

Line lbs: 10 15 12 – 17 20 – 25
Rod: 6 – 7′(lt) 6 – 7′(med) 6 – 7′(med) 7′(med-hvy)
Reel: 150 yds 250 yds 150 yds 250 yds
CUDA LEADERS: 18″ to 24″ wire, 30 to 50 lb test
MONO LEADERS: clear 10 yard coils in test 60lb, 80 lb, & 100 lb
Suggested Lures:Below are Mike’s lure recommendations, feel free to add or subtract depending on what you would like to fish for & what is available. Below is a per skiff (2 anglers) recommendation for a 7 night/6 day package.

Bonefish and Permit will mainly be fished for on shallow flats, under 6′ of water. Some flats will be sand. some coral and some turtle grass. Jig can have weed guards & some without.

Bonefish & Permit Lure Size/Weight Depth of Water Color
3 each Back bone Jigs 1/8 oz; 1/4 oz, 3/8 oz 6″ to 6′ Pink,White, Brown/Tan
3 each Phillip Wiggle Jig 1/8 0z; 1/4 oz, 3/8 oz 6″ to 6′ Pink,White, Brown/Tan

Snook & Tarponalong the mangroves, you need floating or suspending lures. You will be fishing in 0 – 3 feet of water . Lures size is 3” to 4’ in length and should look like a floating minnow. Range of colors: any fishy colors, chartreuse, white, pearl, red/white, etc.


Snook & Tarpon (shallow water) Lure Size/Weight Depth of Water Color
2 each Heddon Zara Spook 4 1/2″ – 3/4 oz< Topwater popper Red/White
2 each Rebel Pop R, Magnum 3″ – 1/2 oz Topwater popper GreenPerch, Red/White
2 each Mirrolure 52M 3 5/8″ – 1/2 oz 3-8 ft Red/White
2 each Rebel Saltwater Super Pop R 3 1/8″ – 5/16 oz Topwater Any
2 each Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow 4 3/8″ – 3/8 oz Floating Red/White,Blue Mackerel

Snook & Tarpon, deep channels and rivers, you will be fishing in 5 – 20 feet of water. Lure size is 3” to 5” in length. Range of colors: any fishy colors, chartreuse, white, pearl silver or gold with a dark back, red/white, etc.

Snook & Tarpon (deep water) Lure Size/Weight Depth of Water Color
3 each Bomber BO7A 2.625″ – 1/2 oz 8 to 10 ft Fire Tiger
2 each Rapala CD-11 Sink 4 3/8″ – 9/16 oz 9 to 13 ft Red/White. Orange
2 each Mirrolure 65M 3 1/4″ – 1 oz 10 to 20 ft+ Red/White
2 each Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap 3 1/2″ – 3/4 oz Sinking Red/White, Silver or Gold w/ Black back
1 to 2 bags Storm Wild Eyes Jigs 4″ – 1/2 oz Sink, very weighted Any fishy color (Fire tiger, Red/White)
1 each Slug-Go 6″ w/off set hooks Sink, very weighted Rainbow Trout, Pearl
1 bag Squirmin’ Shad 3″/4″ w/off set hooks Sink, very weighted Chartreuse Silver Flake

– Off set hooks & hooks for wild eye jigs, Slug-Go’s and Squirmin’Shad in size 3/0, 5/0

Barracuda Lure Size/Weight Depth of Water Color
3 each Tube Lures 12″ to 14″, Tandem Hooked Green, Pink

Sometimes lures are hard to find. If you are online shopping, there are many online retailers that sell lures. Cabelas, Bass Pro, Captain Harry’s (www.captharry.com) and Angler’s Ammo (www.anglers-ammo.com) have a very good selection of the recommended lures.

BRL also has a good selection of lures available for sale at the Lodge.

Mike’s Closet (Tackle Shop): BRL has a small tackle shop with an assortment of fishing supplies – flies, lures, backing, lines, leaders and tippet. Mike’s Closet has a good selection of flies and lures on sale (based on the BRL recommended lists), however, you can follow our fishing list and bring everything that you will need, using Mike’s Closet as a back-up. If you cannot find something on the recommended list, don’t worry, we have it available at the main Lodge. Rental equipment, both fly and spin, is also available.

Rental Equipment: Belize River Lodge has rental equipment, subject to availability. Spin fishing equipment is top quality, mainly Ugly Sticks with Shimano or Penn reels. If you find that you are short of the needed equipment, flies or lures, we have a good stock of flies & lures that work well for the local waters. Fly fishing equipment is top quality, mainly Sage rod, 8 wt’s, 10 wt’s & 12 wt’s, & Teton or Sage saltwater reels. All reels have Rio lines. We also have a few 8 wt Winston rods in our rental equipment. Please check with someone in the office.