LCOL Eco-Adventure Tour List and Descriptions

Eco-Adventure Tours

LCOL Eco-Tours and Activities

Below is a list of tours and activities that can be enjoyed while visiting Long Caye Outpost. If you are not an angler, there is a lot of do, and these tours can also be combined with any fishing day.

What to bring: Loose fitting, light weight, tropical type clothing; outdoor or tennis shoes, a good sun hat with chin strap is helpful, day pack, water bottle, camera, binoculars.


SNORKELING THE BARRIER REEF:  Snorkel the day away watching exotic tropical fish and observing the many different typed of colorful coral.  Sunbathe & picnic on an island in privacy.  Spend a relaxing day snorkeling and enjoying the underwater wonders of the Belize Barrier Reef.

MANATEE WATCH & MIAMI BEACH:  Search for manatees in areas that they frequently visit.  Old sailors uses to see these mammals and imagine mermaids.  You will also pass by St. George’s Caye, the unofficial capital of British Honduras and most historic island in Belize.  It was settled by the British in the 1600’s, and was the capital of British Honduras.  It is where the Spanish make their final effort of conquer Belize in 1708.   Between St. Georg’s Cay and Long Caye,  find Miami Beach, which isn’t a beach at all, but a shallow white sand bottom in crystal clear water, frequented by a variety of saltwater fish and a wonderful spot to swim and cool off.

BIRDING:  Take a walk around the island Outpost and there are a number of birds and shore birds easily seen.  If you are a birder, this a good time to go out with your guide and also scope the area for other birds who nest in neighboring islands. There are quite a few shore species found on and around the island, such as the rufous-necked wood-rail and  black catbird.

Flats Fishing: Belize River Lodge specializes in sight fishing the many saltwater FLATS.  We cater to both fly and spin fishing enthusiasts.  Fishing is from comfortable panga style skiffs, usually two anglers to a skiff, with an English speaking, experienced licensed guide. Our diverse fishing areas include the Flats, Cayes, Barrier Reef, mangroves, channels & the creeks in between. Fishing is for a variety of game fish species.  On most fishing days, you will have a good opportunity to fish for Bonefish, Snook, Tarpon and Barracuda.  If the weather is right, Permit is another great option to fish for.  Other possibilities to fish for are Cubera Snapper, Jacks, Grouper & others.

Kayaking:  On request, kayas will be at Long Caye – two maximum plus guides.  Starting from the beach in front of the Outpost, paddle to the swimming flat out front or kayak around the island.  It is relaxing way to enjoy a few hours.  PDF are required at all times, no exceptions.

GENERAL FISHING:  If you fished as a child or have never fished, you can catch fish in Belize, by either spin fishing or “drop fishing”.  With a line, sinker and bait, or with a spinning rod and small lure, you can fish the reef, channels and mangroves for barracuda, snappers and other many other species.  If you enjoy eating fresh fish, then bring in one for your cook to prepare for your lunch or dinner.

GAMES:  Available on request:  Volleyball net and ball, badminton, croquet, Trivial Pursuit, Checkers, Backgammon, cards.  If you are a family or friends who want to enjoy a few games, just let us know when confirming your trip and we will make sure the games are on the island.


Other tours available (listed below), however these are not included in regular priced packages quoted. Please contact us for current pricing.

SCUBA DIVING:   We will rendezvous with a licensed and profession dive shop, who will take you to explore the reef from the bottom up. Dive amid the coral of the Barrier Reef, swimming with the tropical fishes.  Certified divers only (card required) and need to have a dive logged in the last two years.  (Diving guests will need to make payment for dives directly to rendezvoused dive shop.)