The Flag of Belize

Belize’s flag was designed by a committee appointed in 1981 and was adopted on 21 September 1981, the day Belize became independent. The objective was to create an emblem which would represent a unified country.

Belize’s Flag consists of the Coat of Arms in a white circle, on a royal blue field with red stripes at the top and bottom. The colours on the flag are those of the country’s national parties, the People’s United Party (PUP ) and United Democratic Party (UDP). Red stripes were added to denote the colour of the opposition party.

The national coat of arms, was obtained when Belize was British Honduras in 1907, and recalls the logging industry that first led to Belize’s settlement. Belize’s coat of arms consists to a mestizo and a man of African descent, woodcutters holding a beating axe and a paddle. The wood cutters are supporting a shield divided into three sections. The two upper sections contain a paddle and a squaring axe in the right section and a saw and a beating axe in the left section. At the bottom is a ship in full sail. Behind the shield is a mahogany tree, surrounded by a wreath of 50 leaves (1950, the year PUP came to power).

Under the shield, the national motto of “Sub Umbra Floreo” meaning “Under the Shade I Flourish” is written.



National Flower Of Belize ~ Black Orchid

The Black Orchid (Prosthechea cochleata formerly Encyclia Cochleatum) is the National Flower of Belize.

On the property of Belize River Lodge, we have a number of orchids growing, including our National Flower – Black Orchid. These flowers are small, so even in bloom, might be missed. Please ask any of us to point the plant out to you.

Black Orchid’s Wikipedia link




National Bird of Belize ~ The Keel Billed Toucan

The Keel Billed Toucan (Ramphastos Solfurantus) is the National Bird of Belize.

Three toucan species live in Belize; Northern emerald-toucanet (Aulacorhynchus prasinus), Collared aracari (Pteroglossus torquatus), and Keel-billed toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus). While we commonly see the Collared Aracari around the Lodge, we have had sightings of our National Bird – the Keel Billed Toucan.

Keel Billed Toucan Wikipedia link





National Animal of Belize ~ Tapir

The Tapir or Mountain Cow (Tapirello Bairdii) is the largest land mammal of the American tropics.

The tapir is an intesting looking animal and related to the rhinocerous. Due to the mainly undisbured 40 acres of jungle behind the Lodge, we have tapirs living close by. We normally hear them whisteling and during mango season, as the ripe mangos fall from the trees, the tapirs come in close (to the left of the Guest House under all the mango trees) to feed.

Baird’s tapir Wikipedia link



National Tree of Belize ~ Mahogany Tree

The Mahogany tree (Swietenia Macrophilla) is  is the National Tree of Belize.

The Lodge is constructed of mainly beautiful deep mahogany interspersed with cedar. Our claim to fame – our three dining room tables, are full stab width mahogany. Many of the end tables, lamps and decorations are made from mahogany. The bedroom furniture at Long Caye is constructed from mahogany. Keeping tradtional alive, we have two Mahogany trees growing at the end of the property. Ask us to point them out to you.

Mahogany Tree’s Wikipedia link



Belize Money

The Belize dollar is the official currency in Belize (currency code BZD).

The coins of Belize
scalloped shape aluminium 1 cent coin
aluminium round 5 cent coins
cupro-nickel round10 cent coins
cupro-nickel round 25 cent coin2
cupro-nickel round 50 cent coin2
nickel-brass, decagonal 1 dollar coin (introduced in 1990)

Notes in denominations of $1 (replaced in 1990 by coin), $2, $5, $10, $50 and $100



National Anthem Of Belize

Officially adopted on Independence Day 21 September 1981, Land Of The Free is the official national anthem of Belize. The lyrics were written by Samuel  Haynes and the music composed by Selwyn Walford Young in 1963.


O. Land of the Free by the Carib Sea,
Our manhood we pledge to thy liberty!
No tyrants here linger, despots must flee
This tranquil haven of democracy
The blood of our sires which hallows the sod,
Brought freedom from slavery oppression’s rod,
By the might of truth and the grace of God,
No longer shall we be hewers of wood.


Arise! ye sons of the Baymen’s clan,
Put on your armour, clear the land!
Drive back the tyrants, let despots flee –
Land of the Free by the Carib Sea!

Nature has blessed thee with wealth untold,
O’er mountains and valleys where prairies roll;
Our fathers, the Baymen, valiant and bold
Drove back the invader; this heritage hold
From proud Rio Hondo to old Sarstoon,
Through coral isle, over blue lagoon;
Keep watch with the angels, the stars and moon;
For freedom comes tomorrow’s noon.

National Anthem – Youtube