Eco-Adventure Tour Descriptions

Belize Eco Tours

The country of Belize is a very interesting and beautiful place to visit with a diverse culture and landscape. Requests from anglers and non-fishing visitors wishing to know and see more of Belize have prompted the Belize River Lodge to offer customized half day and full day tours. So, come, relax and listen to the sounds of our jungle wildlife. Inhale the fragrances of our beautiful flowering plants and experience the natural beauty of tropical Belize. Our eco-adventure tours are guided by English speaking, licensed guides and tour operators in whom we have total confidence.

Half day Belize Eco tours: include guide; transportation; cooler with ice and good drinking water.

Full day Belize Eco tours: same as half day tour, but also includes lunch and soft drinks.

What to bring: Loose fitting, light weight, tropical type clothing; outdoor or tennis shoes, a good sun hat with chin strap is helpful, day pack, water bottle, camera, binoculars. Cave tours require an enclosed shoe, such as a tennis shoe.

Note for Birders

With over 500 species of birds in Belize and over 100 identified at BRL, you will have ample birding opportunities. When choosing tours, all of our eco-tour sites, especially the Maya sites and their surrounding rain forest, offer excellent & varied birding. Whether you are looking at a Trogan at the Lodge or Blue Crowned MotMot at Cahal Pech, the bird life in Belize is varied and will keep you entertained. When booking your tours, let us know that you are a “birder”, so that we schedule the right guide for your trip.


Day water tours and fishing available for cruise ship passengers.