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April 1, 2016
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June 24, 2016

April Fish Tales ~ 2016


APRIL 19, 2016

BIG TARPON have been the most exciting activity at BRL in the last five weeks.  Fifteen of these dramatic game fish ranging from 75 to 140 pounds were landed by 11 different guests.

  • Two were landed by lady anglers and 3 by Mike N.
  • One 82 pounder was included in a Grand Slam by Danny O’B.

In addition to these landings many, many more big Tarpon were jumped, hooked, fought and lost.  Several threw the hook when just a few feet from the boat and the rod tip after some 35 to 60 minutes fight time.  Two 10wt fly rods were broken with fish on; 12 weights were definitely a better match.  The most productive flies were the Black Tarpon Snake and the Black Flash Clouser Jig.


Some comments shared after a day on the water:

we were surrounded by Tarpon“, “a most exciting experience”, “another fantastic day“, “wonderful experience“, “great fishing again“.

Weather was very mixed during this period, ranging from wind and rain from the north, a few calm days and some sunny and breezy days.  The moon did not seem to make much difference as these big Tarpon were landed at all moon phases and different tides and times of day.  Patience and perseverance usually paid off when these big fish were encountered just rolling or cruising.

The Belize River and Sibun River were great backups for windy or stormy days on the Flats and produced many fine Snook and small Tarpon.


Fishing the Flats for Permit and Bonefish seemed to take second place to fishing for big Tarpon.  Many opportunities for Permit produced several hookups and a few landings.

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