Fish Tales ~ Nov 2019 & 2020 Package Rates

A Walk in the Past –  Part 2
September 30, 2019

Fish Tales ~ Nov 2019 & 2020 Package Rates

“Game fish are too valuable to be caught only once.”
~ Lee Wulff

November 14, 2019
Belize River Lodge Fish Tales . . .
Snook Tarpon, Snook Tarpon, Bones and more

The rains were delayed this year after an unusually prolonged rainless “rainy season”. Not until early October did the Belize River in front of the lodge change from green to brown. When the October rains did arrive, more rain fell at night than during the daytime and light rain coats and ponchos kept the anglers comfortable even when they encountered a few rain showers during the fishing day with temperature in the 80s.

Tarpon and Snook of all sizes are being caught almost every day, just inside and near the mouth of the Belize River as well as other areas easily accessible to the Lodge boats. Guests, Gary & Mike, fishing together landed an 80 and a 95 pound Tarpon as well as several smaller ones. One angler, new to salt water fly fishing, caught his very first Tarpon, a 44 pounder on his first day out, and then several more in the 50-60 pound size on each of his other fishing days. Another angler had an 80 pound Tarpon on for 30 minutes, unfortunately he was using only 10 pound tippet. The best Snook caught and released was estimated at 24 pounds, the average Snook was about 8 pounds; most were released with a few kept for the table as a few anglers wanting to try the famed delicious snook.

On his five fishing from BRL trip, Chet saw many Big Tarpon, caught several Snook and Bones. He had a spectacular day on his 4th day, Chet jumped three Big Tarpon and landed two others at 115 and 120 pounds. On his last day of fishing this trip, he jumped two more big ones but none landed. These were Chet’s first Tarpon ever, so now he is hooked on Tarpon fishing – Tarpon Fever – at BRL and is hoping to fit a spring trip in his 2020 schedule during the migratory large Tarpon timeframe.

On the open Flats many Bonefish were caught and released. Returning anglers are all saying that the Bonefish seem to be bigger than they had caught in past years. There were many calm days and while fishing for Bones, many Permit were cast to, a few hookups but none landed, however more premium daylight hours were spent fishing Tarpon and Snook during this time.

October and early November produced many beautiful days and very good for fishing for many species at BRL. As often quoted: “Climate is what you expect, weather good or bad, is what you get”. All anglers who came to BRL for the first time were quite surprised at the quality and variety of action and have promised to return to the lodge for more exciting action.

There are still some good spaces available at BRL with off-season discounts through December 22, 2019 and the migratory large tarpon season is soon here. If you have not booked your trip, please contact us and we look forward to visiting with you all during our upcoming Spring Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit and Snook season.
Warm regards,
Mike Heusner


OCTOBER 01, 2019
This year all of Belize, including Belize River Lodge, has experienced an unusually very dry rainy season. Up until Sept 27, the Belize River in front of the lodge was still green and clear, a condition not usually seen after the middle of June in most years. By Sept. 28, some rains turned the river to an olive-green and by Oct 1st, the river was only showing a slight tinge of brown. One advantage of the extended dry period for our fishing from the Lodge is that the Big Tarpon stayed in and near the mouth of the Belize River for about three months longer than usual.

During this time many big Tarpon were jumped and played by our anglers and several at 80-140 pounds were landed, photographed and released. Some exciting action of a very big Tarpon jumping right next to the boat was enjoyed by an angler fishing for Tarpon for his very first time in September and now he is hooked on Tarpon fishing. Small Tarpon and Snook also took advantage of the nice river conditions and some anglers caught their very first of these popular species. Bonefishing was also productive, with many cast to and landed, due of many clear, sunny and calm days. As usual, there was a lot of variety, with Barracudas, Jacks and many kinds of Snappers also caught.



A few photos from August to November 2019

Clear rivers in July well into September

After the river came up a bit, our yearly neighbor came for a visit. The croc on the dock sunning


More Snook

Snook release – beautiful

Tarpon time





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“Whether I caught fish or not, just the thrill of rolling out that line and watching my fly turn over has been good enough for me. That and the hundreds of treasured memories I have of this wonderful sport.”
~ Curt Gowdy

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