Guest Comments

Every time I come to the lodge the fishing gets better. I don’t know if it’s the fish, or me, or both. My last trip brought me a super slam, two grand slams, and a hookup with a 150 pound tarpon. That, together with the hospitality and great food, is a guarantee that I will keep coming back!

Mick Kolassa
Oxford, MS

I recall my first visit to BRL in early 1962. The lodge and the fishing experiences were terrific and not too different from today except the country British Honduras is now independent and the new Belize has become widely known and a very popular destination. Little did I realize in 1962 that I would return to BRL over 30 times including this year with my two sons and stepson (who wants to move to Belize!). And the Lord willing, my wife and I will return next year.

Charlie Eberle
Powhatan, Virginia

Everything was perfect. Well almost, I forgot to bow to the 100+ lb tarpon that Raul put me on. The “big one” got away this time. I will forever remember that bout and promise to redeem myself. I fired my wife as my personal photographer, she missed every jump the fish made. She was as thrilled as I was. I landed my first bonefish and at least 15-20 more casting to groups of tails all day. I landed a dozen more smaller tarpon in the river. I still cannot figure out why you guys call fish that size a “baby tarpon”. Yes the fishing was great. Everything was great. We were treated so well at the lodge. Mike and Marguerite were wonderful. My wife just loved Mike’s stories and Belize history lessons. The food was amazing, much more than we expected. My wife got some of the recipes to take home. Raul is a true professional guide. He worked so hard to put me on the fish. I felt like when I lost that big tarpon he felt as bad as I did. He was a joy to fish with. I am coming back to be sure. I thought about the big boats, but would miss the lodge. So maybe a combo would be best. We can plan that in the near future. Thanks to all for a truly wonderful trip and making my first trip one that I will always remember.

James Miller

Out of all my fishing trips to Belize my most favorite is fishing from the Blue Yonder. The only thing better than getting up in the morning, being on fish in about 5 minutes, fishing for about an hour and then coming back to the boat for breakfast is having to show up late for breakfast because a monster tarpon is ripping the line off your reel 15 minutes into your fishing day.

Rick Smallwood
Houston, TX

I have fished at the Belize River Lodge now for twenty years. Sometimes for one day and sometimes for a week. I have fished all times of the year and all kinds of weather. Sometimes there was fishing and no catching and sometimes there was fishing and catching, but I have never failed to have a great time.

Dr. Kinloch Nelson