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January 1, 2017
Fishy Tales ~ May 2017
May 31, 2017

Better Late, Than Never!

March 2017 Fish Tales ~ The BIG TARPON have been here and so are their escorts the TRIPLE TAILS.


Tarpon King, Mike N. has been fishing here at BRL for the past nine days.  He landed SIX Big Tarpon; two at 130, the others at 112, 169, 86 and 90 pounds.  All were successfully released after being measured in the water.  Of the other sixteen or so he jumped, several were on for five to thirty minutes, some for just a few jumps and two were lost to two broken 6/0 fly hooks.  Mike also landed a small Tarpon and a Triple Tail.

Other anglers recently here have also landed many small Tarpon from four to fifty pounds and several big Tarpon ranging from 92 to 140 pounds.   One Grand Slam included a ninety two pound Tarpon, a Snook and Bonefish.

Big Tarpon weights are calculated by measuring the tail fork to end of lip and the girth in inches and using the BONEFISH & TARPON TRUST, Tarpon Weight Calculator.  This way the fish are not taken into the boat and are released in good condition.

Gene W. landed a twenty five pound PERMIT; other Permit ranging from two to twenty pounds were landed by other anglers.

Several very nice Cubera Snappers and Triple Tails were also caught, all were released.

SNOOK fishing has been very productive for the past six months with a few landed in the twenty to twenty five pound size.  Some returning anglers report seeing more Snook than they had ever seen in years before. There are many productive areas we fish for Snook, so no matter the weather conditions, Snook fishing is always possible.  It is my observation that not as many really big Snook are being landed as in past years, probably due to more fly fishing with lighter gear and tippet and the Snook getting cut off in the mangroves..

Anglers fishing BRL’s Long Caye Outpost Lodgehave also been doing very well while enjoying the private island experience and our typical variety fishing; Big Tarpon in the nearby Channels and Bays, Permit and Bonefish on the Flats and Reef areas, small Tarpon, Snook, Cudas, Snappers, Jacks and even a few Look Down, Puffer and Toad fish.

Some new airlines and new schedules have recently been added to flight schedules to Belize.  The early arrivals and BRL’s proximity to the Belize International airport can get you a full fishing day on arrival, and a full day fishing on your last day.  Late arrivals and departure flights also afford you more fishing time at BRL.
WestJet now flies from Toronto to Belize.  Southwest from Hobby in Houston and from Denver.  United from Chicago, Houston and Newark.  American from Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and Charlotte.  Delta from Atlanta and Los Angeles.  Copa from Panama.  Tropic Air from Cancun, Merida, San Pedro Sula.   Please check out airlines to Belize for some very convenient flights to come fishing at BRL. And since BRL is just a few minutes from the international airport we can get you to the Lodge without small plane connections or deep sea crossings.

The fishing experience is always good, often great.  Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
Tight lines,
Mike Heusner