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March 30, 2017
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June 21, 2018

Fishy Tales ~ May 2017

Moon phases, yes, no or maybe

The months of April and May were very typical of these months in past years except that May this year produced more rain and windy conditions than I can recall.  Again the fishing was still very good as is usually expected for these two months.

Yes, the BIG MIGRATORY TARPON are still here and so are the other resident game fish: Snook, Permit, Bonefish, Cubera Snappers, Jacks, Ladyfish and Barracudas.

For many years I have tried to relate fishing to the moon phases.  Sometimes I think I see a pattern but then the next month produces different results.

APRIL 2017

  • The week of the First Quarter moon recorded just a few Big Tarpon and Permit landed but many more were seen and cast to.
  • The week of the Full Moon was much more productive for Big Tarpon jumped and landed; many Permit cast to and a few landed.
  • The Third Quarter week produced 30 Small to Medium Tarpon boated but only a few Big Tarpon landed.
  • The week of the New Moon was surprisingly the least productive.

MAY 2017

  • In the week of the First Quarter though many were seen and cast to, just one Big Tarpon was landed; 35 Snook were landed with nine of these over ten pounds.
  • This Full Moon week saw lots of 80-150 pound Big Tarpon cast to and jumped but just three of these landed.  There were also three Grand Slams this week.
  • The week of the Third Quarter moon also was very active with 80-110 pound Tarpon; a couple of 20 pound Permit were also landed.
  • The New Moon week was very windy with some periods of heavy rain, mostly at night but three Tarpon over 70 pounds were landed.

The unusual very windy conditions after May 19th made open water fly fishing tough and sometimes restricted Flats fishing for Permit and Bones, but our Belize, Sibun and Manatee Rivers with channels and lagoons in between were usually productive getaways from the open Flats.   The mouth of the nearby Belize River was very often a great and productive location for Big Tarpon where many were caught or lost including a few that tried to escape into the roots along the river’s edge.

Many anglers fishing salt water at BRL for the first time were thrilled by the rapid action of Small Tarpon, the drama of Big Tarpon when hooked, the challenge of landing a Snook on the fly and the elusive nature of the Permit.  Many of the anglers who hooked, jumped and fought Big Tarpon but did not actually boat any have vowed to return to get their first big one, next time.

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Tight lines,
Mike Heusner