BRL Fishing Report, April 13, 2005

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November 30, 2004
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October 31, 2005

BRL Fishing Report, April 13, 2005

WEATHER: The weather in our area has been pretty close to normal with just one exception. Very very dry. Since January, rainfall throughout Belize has been exceptionally low, with the two northern districts recording just 10 percent of normal rainfall.

Here at Belize River Lodge the only negative effect of the very low rainfall is that Black Creek has been inaccessible to us since the end on January due to low water. As if to make up for this the Belize River has been fishing very well from early January to the present.

SNOOK: The largest snook, taken recently, was a 20 pounder well up the Belize River. Many smaller ones from 6-15 pounds are still being caught with both fly and spin tackle. Sinking and heavy sink tip lines have worked well in the Belize and Sibun Rivers. Floating lines for sight fishing in the shallow clear waters along the mangrove cayes have also been producing very nice catches. Green and White and Blue and White Deceivers, Half and Half?s and Green and White Clousers have all been working very well for snook. Green shad tail jigs, Bombers, and Rapalas have been catching many snook with spinning gear in the rivers and Pop Rs and floating YoZuris near the flats. Snook have been quite plentiful during this time and though known as ?elusive? many fly anglers have been catching snook on their first trip to BRL with a few burned fingers and palms included. A few are sometimes kept for the table so everyone can sample the great taste of fresh snook.

BIG TARPON: The big fish moved in right on time again this year and are still here. On windy and overcast days they are more difficult to locate but on better days everyone have been getting good shots. One party of five landed four big fish all over 100 pounds in their four days of fishing. With Owner hooks on the bigger flies, such as the Tarpon Snake we have definitely improved the ratio of fish landed to the number of fish jumped. Roughly it appears that the ratio is now about 1:4 or 1:5. This is about the same ratio for plug fishing with the 65M11 Mirrolure which has again this year proved to be the best big tarpon lure.

PERMIT: Large schools of permit are being found lately, many have been cast to and several have been landed. They are running all sizes from about 5-30 pounds. Bauers, Rag Heads and Sliders seem to be the most productive. BONES as usual are the staple performers affording new salt water anglers their first experience of the strength and speed of salt water species.

BARRACUDAS, JACKS and SNAPPERS have also consistently been thrilling fly and light tackle fishermen who take a little time to fish for these more cooperative species.

The VARIETY of other game fish species that are being caught at BRL while pursuing the more elegant ?BIG FOUR? continues to impress our guests, new and old alike. There is always something to catch no matter what the weather and fishing conditions. The great variety of uncrowned fishing environments covered while fishing at BRL also are impressive. Probably no other destination offers such variety for everyone with very few other boats ever seen while you are fishing with us. Ours is still the least pressured fishing area in all of Belize and by far the easiest Belize fishing lodge to get to. There is always good fishing in Belize, all year round.

You just have to be here to Belize it with us.