BRL Fishing Report, November 2004

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June 1, 2004
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April 13, 2005

BRL Fishing Report, November 2004

VERY GOOD WEATHER was the dominant condition for October and November and no hurricanes or tropical storms affected us here in Belize this year. Thank goodness, another blessed year!

“On and off” heavy rains lasted just a few days in early October and muddied the Sibun and lower Belize River but did not flood the docks at BRL. Black Creek flooded for just a few days but quickly cleared up and was productive and fishable with little interruption.

N o fishing time was lost due to rain as we mainly fished the Flats, and as there was little wind during the rainy days, the Flats were clear.

Fishing in the rivers was not only an option to a windy day on the flats but also productive just about anytime someone wanted to fish for small and medium tarpon and snook. The ever present howler monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas and of course a great variety of birds continue to be a bonus to any fishing day on the river.

As we had beautiful weather this fall, the Flats were in good shape most of the time for bones, small tarpon, snook, permit, cudas and snapper.

TARPON: The biggest tarpon landed during October and November was about 80 pounds. Though these two months are not considered the best time of year for really big tarpon, quite a few fish in the 50 ? 75 pound range were landed; however, most tarpon landed were in the 15-20 pound size.

Most productive flies for tarpon were 2/0 Deceivers in various colors. Best lures for tarpon were the YoZuri Crystal Minnow, red head, both floating and sinking models. The Mirrolure 65M11, red head, white body, sinking lure continues to be the old dependable for tarpon in the deep channels near the flats and in the rivers.

SNOOK: The biggest snook landed was 14 pounds with several caught about 12 pounds. The average size snook regularly caught were about 7-8 pounds. Guests had a fun time fighting these fish.

The Bend Back Deceiver in Blue & White and Green & White were very productive for Snook this fall. Rapala?s Skittter Pop and 6 inch Slug-Go worked best for snook. In fact in just one episode a very clever big snook took away Harold?s Skitter Pop, stayed within casting area, then proceeded to also abscond with his Slug-Go. Talk about the “elusive” snook challenging a very experienced angler!

BONEFISH: Bonefish were dependable as usual. One gentleman, Jim C., had an exceptional day and landed 31 bones in a two hour period. Of the 31 caught, a couple Bonefish were in the 4 to 5 pound range (big for our flats). An assortment of bonefish flies caught bonefish every day but generally small eyeless flies seemed to work best. For spin fishing, an eight ounce wiggle jig modified with flash and weed guards were the best with ten pound line.

PERMIT: A few permit were caught during this time. Anglers were able to cast to some big schools of really large permit many times throughout October and November, but they seemed to be suffering from lock-jaw. Even lining them did not seem to get their attention as they just dodged the line and returned to their formation as if no one else were around.

During this period there were several new guests to Belize River Lodge, new to the lodge and new to salt water fly fishing. We believe we have some new converts who have promised to return to perfect the new skills they have acquired. Our guides, staff and food lived up to their reputation and impressed these new guests.

Excellent fishing activity at Belize River Lodge in the months of August, September, October and November proved again this year that our so called “slow season” is only the result of favorable weather and fishing in North America.

There is good fishing in Belize, all year round. You just have to be here to Belize it.