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May 7, 2019
Fish Tales ~ May 2019
July 9, 2019

Fish Tales ~ March & April 2019

APRIL 30, 2019
Historically speaking, March is the windiest month of the year, however, this year, March was relatively calm after the 15th of the month leading to the migratory tarpon coming in and being very active. While historically April is a calm, less windy month, April 2019, Mother Nature had her say – from daily varied water temperatures to winds that blew 5 to 15 knts some days, 10 to 20 kts others and the hated 10 to 20 kts Gusty on others. Saltwater fishing follows weather and with tough weather, we do have tough fishing days, however, the bright side of fishing at Belize River Lodge during windy days:

  1. Our guides are working hard to find ways to get you into fish
  2. Our guides keep a positive attitude during stressful windy &/or overcast conditions
  3. The rivers, when on, can be good Tarpon and Snook with the variety of local cyclids – Tuba, Crana & Bay Snook.
  4. Our guides will point out beautiful areas of nature – trees, plants, birds and wildlife
  5. When returning to the Lodge, Mike and Marguerite, your hosts are there to visit with you and share in your day’s adventures or misadventures.
  6. Delicious meals prepared by our BRL cooks and severed with a happy smile.

We cannot control the weather sadly, but keep top notch guides, clean rooms, serve scrumptious meals and have a smiling staff whether you fish from our main Lodge or from Long Caye Outpost.

MARCH 31, 2019

In the last two weeks, seven Tarpon between 85 and 190 pounds were landed here at Belize River Lodge. Many more in that size range were sighted, cast to, jumped and lost.

March, April, May and June have always been our most productive months for Big Tarpon at BRL mainly because many migratory Big Tarpon are in our area during these months, in addition to the resident big ones.

Thirteen year old Gray M. had a very big one on for more than three hours before it jumped near the boat and released itself. Gray also caught a Grand Slam on another day. That little man is already quite an accomplished angler.

Permit, many Snook, small Tarpon and Bones were also landed.

Please be advised that there are still some good spaces available for June into the summer months.
So if you have not yet booked your next fishing trip to BRL for Big and Small Tarpon, Bonefish, Snook and Permit, and the following variety
Tarpon (catch and release only): 6-80 lbs all year, 80-150 lbs March thru July
Permit (catch and release only): juvenile to 30 lbs all year, average size 12 lbs
Snook (BRL daily limit): juvenile to 24 lbs all year, average size 7-8 lbs
Bonefish (catch and release only): juvenile to 6 lbs, average 3 lbs
Jacks: Crevalle, Horseye, Bar, Blue Runner,
Snappers: Cubera, Gray, Mutton, Silk, Dog, Yellowtail, Mangrove,
Grouper: Nassau (catch and release only)
Fresh water: Bay Snook, Tuba, Crana, Tarpon & Snook

The below photos show the colors of Belize, whether at the Lodge or out and about, whether fishing or touring, nature and humans – Belize is a colorful place. Thanks for sharing Doug & Peggy. Doug & Peggy were part of a group in April 2019 where some people fished and others toured.