Hello from the BRL Office Ladies ~ May 2023

July 25, 2023
Long Caye Outpost Beauty Boost ~ May 2023
July 26, 2023

Hello from the BRL Office Ladies ~ May 2023

Hello All,
When writing our May 2023 Fish Tales with Mike, we started mentioning our good friend or long-time friend and realized that most of our repeat guests have become good friends over the years and we look forward to visiting with them (you) – Bob, Frank, Mick, George, Nick, Carl are a few to mention; all have visited so many times over the years and we always look forward to family updates, pictures and stories. On the other side, we get to share our stories and these guests have seen and heard about our grandson from starting medical school to now being a practicing doctor, our nephew who just graduated high school with honors and heading off to Texas A&M in Aerospace Engineering; and are starting to watch our granddaughter, Morgan, start her fishing and tour guide training.

On the other hand, many new guests, enjoying their first BRL trip or first bonefish, or first tarpon depart the Lodge and we feel that we have gained another great friend and look forward to an email update or return visit. Someone once asked the difference between “a Lodge” and “a hotel”. We feel, this is it! The time we spend hosting, visiting and sharing stories with our guests, making sure they feel welcome and at home makes our Lodge, A Lodge! A hotel, you check-in, then check-out and get a thanks for the visit.

We know that the world is a huge place with lots of wonderful new places to visit, but we feel that when we have done our best when guests who are friends return or other guest mention that they are not sure when, but “they will be back”. Not everyone visits year after year, some come every few years and then we have guest email after 10+ years, looking to make a return visit and speaking fondly of their past trip. We look forward to seeing you all again and catching up.
Until then . . . .
Warm regards,
Marguerite And the Office Ladies


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