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October 28, 2020
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Remember Me

BRL Main Lodge 1960s

Remember Me

When I was young and beautiful I lived in a lush and fertile jungle and was surrounded by exotic flowering trees like the Flamboyant and the Bougainvillea and of course the Queen of the Jungle.

I was such a spectacular sight to see especially when all my trees were in bloom. It was always quiet in my jungle and always peaceful by my river. The people who came to visit me would ask me if I knew I lived in a place called Paradise.

Years have passed and I have weathered many storms and always came back alive and watched as each plant in my jungle came back to life to please and serve many more eyes for many more years.

The storms and troubles that come with life have made its mark on me and I may not be as beautiful as I used to be but I am still beautiful in my own rustic way.
I may not be made of glass, plastic and cement but then that would destroy who I am, as those three intruders just do not fit in a jungle where Tapir, Howler Monkeys, Iguanas, gibnuts, deer, and jaguars would be fearful and denied the right to roam free in my jungle.

The variety of fish in the rivers and lagoons and flats that feed me, would swim away to other grounds and though I have aged I am by no means worn or torn.

Colorful Jungle BRL Main Lodge 2020

I am still quiet and peaceful and have been granted a great blessing of still being beautiful in my own rustic way. For those who live inside of me have never let me down and take good care of me so that I will always be ready to welcome you when you come to visit me from far and wide.

I will then take great pleasure to share with you this peace and elegance that I have found by still living in my jungle that is always amazing, lush and fertile and very dear to me.

Warm regards,
Belize River Lodge, Ltd
Nee: Keller Caribbean Sports, Ltd
Nee: Barothy’s Caribbean Lodge, Ltd


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What a year! This is the first time since the Lodge opened in 1961 that it has been “closed” for over six months. Thankfully, our BRL Family has stayed healthy and with the International Airport October 1st re-opening, we are looking forward to visiting with our guests – new and long-time angling friends!

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Note: Our Belize River Lodge management and crew are ready to host you at the Lodge and Long Caye and while we have always been kept pristinely clean, we have implemented more enhanced cleaning and sanitizing and made arrangements to keep different group guests socially distanced. For more information on BRL’s COVID19 program. . .



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