Top 5 Things to do in BELIZE… Other Than Fishing!

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Top 5 Things to do in BELIZE… Other Than Fishing!

Plan an all-inclusive trip and cover the bases of Belize!

Are you travelling with a partner or family members who do not fish? Or, do you wish to see what the beautiful country of Belize has to offer other than exemplary fishing?!

Here are my top recommendations for a weeks Itinerary in Belize, Central America!



Number 1:  Transitioning from Islands to Main land, Number one on the list is Caye Caulker!

This fun and quiet island town is the perfect get away from any business bustle. The go-slow living will bring you back to your roots and ground you during your vacation!

From here, there are a ton of great family and solo traveler activities for all to enjoy!

Such as:


A small locally owned business provides sprat for $5 and allows you to hand feed the resident tarpon of Belize! Hold on to your fingers, because if you’ve never done it, it will for sure come as a shock!


Belizean Entrepreneurs have become quite creative in providing the best quality and experiences to their guests, Iguana Reef Hotel is one of them! On the back side of the island, open to all, is where a small sea horse marine ecosystem exists. Spectators may view the animals from afar, and take as many pictures and memories as they like. For a more up-close and personal experience, stick around until sunset, the sting rays come up onto the beach around feeding time, and those who wait have the unique opportunity to hand feed and pet the sting rays, RIGHT FROM SHORE!


Swim with the sharks, nurse sharks that is and some salt water pups- sting ray! The Hold Chan & Shark ray alley tours are a must! Highly recommended to book with a tour agency for the ultimate experience, it is worth every dime to snorkel amongst the thriving underwater marine ecosystem of Belize!



Perfect for a half day activity! Altun Ha is a hop and a skip away from Belize City. About an hour drive, this Maya Temple offers a great insight into Belize’s ancient history of the indigenous Mayan. Home to the jade head, and resting grounds of the Sun God, Altun ha is a memorable trip for all near and far. Tour guides are available at all working hours on site, and can be booked to give the most enriching learning experience.


This action-packed full day event is one not to miss! This is honestly a personal favorite of mine and is worth the trip! Cave tubing in Belize is like no other, the adventure starts with a short jungle trek, that zips you to the jungles edge! Then after a full how-to-survive introduction course, you tube your way through 4-7 cave systems, entering the mouths of hell, also known to the maya as Xibalba! A great way to spend the day, and a core memory building activity.



Close to our jungle lodge nestling ground, the Belize Zoo has gained the attention to be put on international radar! Visited by many world-renowned individuals such as Steve Irwin, the Belize Zoo captivates all who visits. The grounds of the zoo and its enclosures have not been altered nor been made synthetically! The cages have simply been built surrounding the natural habitat of the animals, giving the feeling that you are walking through jungle paths surrounded by the creeping critters and majestic beauties of the rainforest.