Happy New Year ~ 2024! Does It Matter Who I Am?

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December 15, 2023
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January 10, 2024

Happy New Year ~ 2024! Does It Matter Who I Am?

Lisa, the storm, came in late November 2023; it quickly made landfall and it wiped out a lot of our beautiful trees. What Lisa left behind was not a very pretty sight. However, as nature works, where my big flamboyant tree once stood in the front yard, thirty more reproduced themselves. I ended up with a small forest of tiny flamboyant trees. Everything had been so bare, but my little forest brought life once again to the Lodge. I added other plants that had colour like the copper red crotons and the yellow gold crotons.

The little forest started to bloom and was looking quite proud of itself. While doing some gardening in the area I noticed a new tree had appeared. I looked at it and wondered how in the world did it get there? It kept growing quickly and started to show how smart it looked among the striking flamboyant. This little tree was so full of life I did not have the heart to weed it out. “Let me grow”, it seemed to be asking. “I know you will one day love me too like all my other big brothers around me.” OK! I thought, I will give you a chance to show your beauty. As I walked away I continued thinking to myself, how did you get here? You are growing so quickly and so tall and strong. Did a seed during the flood wash you up on the river bank and you planted yourself? Did a bird stop to rest in my little flamboyant forest and brought you?

As I asked myself so many questions about what appeared like a misplaced tree, truly different than his siblings around him. This little tree just continued to stretch upward like the others. It obviously did not realize that it was in anyway different and just blended into its surroundings. It just kept on growing as happy as can be in such a way that we all stopped seeing this odd little tree as being different; it had now become a part of my little flamboyant forest and now looks very natural in its very unusual place.

As the royal flamboyant trees grow, they will shower us yearly with beautiful yellow, red or bright orange flowers and yes, we will again smile and be amazed at their splendour of blooming colour. And my little plain misplaced tree is coming into his own; proudly displaying his produce blessing us with sweet tasting fruit. The little misplaced tree, allowed to grow with the stately royal flamboyant trees, stands tall and bears fruit and we realize it is a papaya tree.

Watching the regrowth over the last year at the Lodge, it makes us wonder ~ if all living things looked for the best in every situation, could see and appreciate the differences that life gives us. To not judge others but welcome them “in” for their differences or disabilities and help them to feel good about themselves; I am sure we will come out the winners and benefit from what we will learn from those we help.

At this time of the year, as the wisemen arrive we try to reflect and see the positive and good in everyone. On this 6th day of January, we stop to share our gratitude with everyone who enriched our lives in 2023; we are deeply thankful for you. We wish you, our friends, family, and those who we will meet in the coming year prosperity, health, joy, love and peace in 2024.
Warm regards,
Marguerite and Mike
And the BRL Family