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August 23, 2022
November 23, 2022

April 2022 Fish Tales


April winds this year ranged from dead calm to 25 mph with several rainy and squally days.  The rain and squalls were unusual for the month of April. Fishing the Belize and Sibun Rivers and the Manatee area on very windy and rough days was usually very productive for Tarpon of all sizes, along with Snook, Snappers and Jacks.

One day while fishing a river for small Tarpon with a 9 wt. rod, Josh hooked up a big Tarpon, estimated to be about 170 pounds.  He played that fish for about four hours before the rod broke but it was an experience unlike any other – a 170lb active Tarpon on a 9wt! Other days Josh also saw and cast to several Permit, caught many Bones and a Jack.  He “enjoyed a fantastic trip to BRL.”

Other anglers caught many Small Tarpon in the 3-25 pound range, some at 25-60 pounds and several Big Tarpon from 75 to 160 pounds. A couple anglers fishing salt water for the first time learned a lot from the guides, caught Tarpon, Bonefish and Snook and are looking forward to fishing BRL again.

Gary and Stephanie, who have fished BRL many times, decided that along with fishing, they would enjoy some of Belize’s other sights and took two days for inland tours to Maya Sites with birding – they loved the adventure.  Gary and Stephanie are planning more fishing trips to include at least two days of inland tours to new areas.

Jorge and Joe extended their Long Caye Outpost fishing trip by a few more days to catch more Tarpon, Snook, Bones and Permit. They really enjoyed their experience at the Outpost and hooked into Snook, Tarpon, Bones and other species.

The Caranci group of seven had a great time in mid-April fishing the Rivers and Flats, landing many Bones, several Small Tarpon, some Snook and Jacks, cast to lots of Permit, landed an 80, 90 and two 120 pound Tarpon.  They also got some very good photos of the nesting Jabiru Stork just up river of the lodge.

Belize River Lodge has always focused on flats fishing however our location on the mainland allows us to offer a wide range of inland tours to Maya temples, caves, jungle walks and much more. You can easily schedule a fishing only trip or a combo fishing/touring package (more information).

Belize is easy to get to and COVID testing is not needed to enter Belize or fly back to the USA. Take the time for a visit and enjoy our BRL hospitality.

Warm regards,
Mike H.