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Fish Tales ~ May 2018
January 20, 2019
Fish Tales ~ November 2018
January 20, 2019

Fish Tales ~ September 2018

FISHING REPORT Sept 28, 2018
What is the best time and what is the best moon on which to go fishing? The answer often depends on where or what kind of fishing you want to do. I can only answer for fishing at BELIZE RIVER LODGE, where we fish all year round.

Our so called “busy season” November thru June or “slow season” July thru October has very little to do with actual fishing in Belize but rather with warm and favourable weather and fishing conditions in the North America, unless you want to fish for species not usually available in those areas.

As to the moon, it seems to depend on who you ask or hear from. Some writers who have a great fishing trip on a certain moon will write up that moon as best. It would be interesting to document and compare many of these stories.

When I first came to BRL in 1980 I asked the old guides for their opinions on fishing.
The oldest guide said “big moon, big fish, big Tarpon”.
One guide said “depends on the tides and the species”.
Another guide said “best time is when the guest is here”.
Moon phases do not seem to have played a significant role or effect in my ten year documented catches of Tarpon over 75 pounds, Permit of all sizes and Grand Slams. The number of guests here at any given time consistently matched the number of catches regardless of the moon.

The best time to go fishing is when you take the time to go fishing” according to many very experienced anglers. So if you have not yet booked your next fishing trip to BELIZE RIVER LODGE here are a few notes to help you set a date.
The rainy season this year has been much drier than usual.
The Belize River did not flood this year and is still olive green to slightly brown from a few rain showers over the last few days. The other two rivers, bays and shorelines are in excellent condition for Snook and Tarpon and the Flats, Channels and Reef for all sizes of Tarpon, Permit, Bones, Jacks and Barracudas. Except for a few weeks before Christmas this year there are many good spaces available.
Fishing at BRL is expected to be very productive for the rest of this “slow season”. We hope you can add your catches to our lists.

With several new non-stop flights from the USA and Canada, BELIZE RIVER LODGE is now easier than ever to get to. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Warm regards,

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