Long Caye Outpost Beauty Boost – Wrapping up 2022
January 24, 2023
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Wrapping Up 2022: Hellos from the BRL Office Ladies
January 24, 2023


Our BRL Cooks’ cheery mention!

These ladies happily prepare all meals from our regular menus, to special requested sides, to a variety of “dietary” meals; it is all do-able! We have our regular delicious menus, however, healthier versions are easily accommodated and still yummy!

Connie K’s Birthday Belize Lime Pie


Breakfast: fry jacks, scrambled eggs, refried beans, salsa and fresh tropical fruit


Variation of our Flyjack Breakfast: fry jacks, sunny-side up egg rounds, refried beans, salsa and always fresh tropical fruit


Dinner of Fried Snappers, Spiced Potato wedges, veg and salad


Close-up of the fried Reef Snappers ~ While traditionally, these are fried, the reef snappers can also be baked or poached.


Dinner: Imperial Chicken, homemade Macaroni and Cheese, a veg, salad and fresh homemade rolls.



BRL's Refreshing Lime-ade

There is always time to enjoy a nice cold glass of BRL Lime-aide. Delicious and refreshing as is, or for a quick cocktail, add a little tequila for a Quick-rita.


Is anyone hungry yet? All are favorite BRL recipes.


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