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March 18, 2019
Flyfishing for Bonefish
2008 Newsletter ~ Numbers vs Experience
May 7, 2019

Seaborn, Jim and guide John

A truly funny fishing tale – Gentlemen anglers Seaborn (4th trip) and Jim (1st trip) visited BRL last week looking to land small tarpon mainly. Lo and behold, the migratory tarpon moved in and with a combined boat effort – Jim’s rod, John’s reel and Seaborn’s fly and casting, they hooked into a big fish. Seaborn and Jim took turns fighting the tarpon, but needed a little help from guide John in the middle, with Jim finally bringing the tarpon to the skiff. John measured the tarpon at 66”L x 34” girth for a 115 lb Tarpon and photographed by Seaborn. Yippee and congrats.

On the other side, thankfully, they were able to land this tarpon, as she was trailing a 4 ft piece of heavy fishing line with a “bait” hook stuck in her lip. While the fly that the guys used to bring the tarpon to the skiff was easily removed, John took a little time to remove the “bait” hook and excess line and this beautiful 115 lb Tarpon was released and she swam away under good speed, healthy and ready for another day.

We have pictures of the Tarpon, angler Jim and guide John, angler and photographer Seaborn sadly no photos, alas someone had to take the pictures.

Belize River Lodge

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